Volkswagen Polo GTi teased. Launch soon

The Polo GTi has been one car that has garnered a lot of attention from the enthusiast community. When the vehicle was first showcased at the Auto Expo earlier this year, there was a huge crowd to see the car. The company also revealed that they will be launching the vehicle later in the year.

Volkswagen Polo GTi teased. Launch soon

There has been no news of the vehicle since though and it had quite a few of us wonder whether they had shelved the plans of bringing in the GTi. Finally, there is some good news. The company has begun teasing the GTi which can only mean that the launch cannot be very far away.

Excited? Why so?

The main reason behind our excitement for the GTi is the fact that it is powered by the 1.8 liter TSi unit which produces 188 Bhp and 250 Nm. Now, we have driven the 1.8 in the Octavia and the Superb and can only tell you that it is a really good engine so in a car that weighs as less as the Polo, it is certainly going to make for a really good drive. Unfortunately the model we will get in India will be the 7 speed DSG one and not the 6 speed manual. Another thing that VW has confirmed is that it will be the 3-door and not the 5-door version that will be coming to India.

Volkswagen Polo GTi teased. Launch soon

Now the 3-door makes more sense since it looks more special than the 5-door, especially when the sticker price is going to be above the Rs 20 lakh mark. On the looks front, there are minor changes that differentiate the GTi from the normal Polo other than the fact that this is a 3-door. There is a new bumper, a new grill, new headlamps (we aren’t sure if the LED DRL one will make it or not) and new larger alloy wheels. On the inside, there is the new GTi steering wheel with the larger MFD and screen and the typical GTi styled upholstery.

The vehicle is scheduled for launch later in the month.