Volkswagen Polo sandwiched between 2 Mahindra Scorpio-N SUVs: Here’s the result [Video]

While Volkswagen Polo has been discontinued for a long time in the Indian market now, there are still numerous fans of the hatchback across the country. The Polo has always been referred to as an enthusiast’s car, which is also very safe. Here is an accident of the Polo sandwiched between two 5 star rated Mahindra Scorpio-N SUVs.

According to the information, the Polo and one of the Scorpio-N SUVs were parked on the shoulder of the road. That’s when another Scorpio-N crashed into the Polo at high-speed. The Polo then got sandwiched between the two SUVs.

The driver of the Scorpio-N was reportedly drunk. He thought that the cars were moving when he crashed into them. While the silver Scorpio-N that crashed into the Polo got a damaged front-end, it was the Polo that took most of the damage because it got stuck between the two cars.

Volkswagen Polo sandwiched between 2 Mahindra Scorpio-N SUVs: Here’s the result [Video]

The Polo took the damage from the front and the rear. However, even after the impact, the pillars and the cabin are intact and the doors seem to be operating as well.

Don’t do drunk driving

Consuming alcohol slows down the body’s reactions, leading to a higher risk of severe accidents. Drunk driving is a major contributing factor in numerous accident cases worldwide. In India, there is a maximum permissible limit of 30 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. If a driver’s alcohol level exceeds this limit, the police have the authority to seize their license. In several other states, individuals caught driving under the influence can face imprisonment and hefty fines. In recent years, drunken driving laws have become more stringent, resulting in a significant increase in such cases. Police officers now strictly enforce these laws, leading to more apprehensions.

Polo is 4-star rated car

Back in 2014, the Volkswagen Polo had undergone testing and received a disappointing zero-star safety rating. However, Volkswagen took measures to improve its safety standards by equipping the base variant with additional safety features and enhancements. Subsequently, the vehicle underwent a retest by Global NCAP, resulting in an impressive four-star adult safety rating. The hatchback scored 12.54 points out of a total of 17 points in the retest.

In the latest round of crash tests conducted by Global NCAP, the all-new Mahindra Scorpio-N achieved an impressive five-star safety rating. The SUV underwent testing using the new protocol and received a perfect five-star rating for adult safety, along with a commendable three-star rating for child safety. This accolade marks the third SUV from the Mahindra stable to earn a prestigious five-star safety rating.

The new Scorpio-N scored an impressive 29.25 out of 34 in adult occupant protection, showcasing its robust safety features and design. In terms of child occupant protection, it received a score of 28.94 out of 48, further highlighting its commitment to safety for all passengers. Additionally, the Mahindra Scorpio-N performed admirably during side impact tests.

Updated crash test ratings

Global NCAP previously conducted car tests using a single front crash test at a speed of 64 km/h. However, under the new regulations, significant changes have been introduced. The front crash test has become more stringent, with a focus on calculating chest load readings on the crash test dummies. Moreover, side crash impacts have been made mandatory, adding to the overall safety assessment.

All new car models must incorporate pedestrian protection measures, and manufacturers must validate their vehicles for UN127 or GTR9 tests. Global NCAP also requires manufacturers to standardize the use of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) across all variants within two years of the test publication.

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