2010 Polo Painted In Audi’s Java Green Color: Looks Beautiful [Video]

Volkswagen Polo painted in Java green audi

The Volkswagen Polo can be considered one of the most popular hatchbacks ever to be sold in India. Over its 13-year stint in the country, it was offered in three different iterations. Recently, showing a transformation of a first-generation Polo, a video has been shared online. This particular Polo has been converted from the first generation to the third. It has also been painted in an extremely unique and sporty-looking shade of Java Green from German luxury carmaker Audi.

Volkswagen Polo with Audi’s Java Green

This video of the transformation of the Polo comes courtesy of Brotomotiv from YouTube. For those who may not be aware, Brotomotiv is a body and detailing shop from Pune, Maharashtra. It is known for its high-quality paint jobs on popular Indian and luxury cars. In this particular video, the owner of the shop introduces their latest project.

2010 Polo Painted In Audi’s Java Green Color: Looks Beautiful [Video]

He states that this Volkswagen Polo has come to their shop for a complete transformation. The owner elaborates that as the customer did not want to sell his beloved Polo, he decided to give this car a whole new look. For the help wanted to get a new facelifted body kit and repairing of old damages on the car.

The owner stated that this particular Polo came to their shop in a very poor state. Its entire front right door was damaged and it was beyond repair. He also highlighted that the car was 13 years old, so the owner bought the last generation body to revamp the look.

Next up in the video, the owner of the shop mentioned that it will also be getting a complete paint job as well. He stated that the owner wanted to get the car painted in Audi’s RS division’s Java Green Metallic paint.

Transformation process of this Polo

After the introduction, the video then shows the technicians of the shop working on this Polo. They first strip down the entire paint of the car. The owner highlights that they do the process of paint stripping only on a few cars.

He highlighted that the cars that have been previously painted or have questionable paint quality. On those cars, they perform the complete paint stripping to ensure a higher quality of paint job down the line at their shop.

2010 Polo Painted In Audi’s Java Green Color: Looks Beautiful [Video]

Next up, the car is shown going through the process of denting and door removal. The technicians then apply putty on the car and sand it down using orbital sanders. The owner highlights that they use a dry sanding process because wet sanding can cause water seepage, which then causes paint blemishes.

Next up, the car is completely washed and then sprayed with a dark grey primer. Following this, it then goes into the paint booth of the shop. Finally, after cleaning the car, Audi’s Java Green paint is laid on the car. It is then followed by a few layers of clear coat.

Final product

2010 Polo Painted In Audi’s Java Green Color: Looks Beautiful [Video]

Finally, after the car is completely painted, the assembly process starts. The technicians fit all the glasses, doors, and other parts of the car. They then take the car to the detailing bay where they wet sand the car and polish it to bring out the shine. At the finished Volkswagen Polo is presented.