Volkswagen Polo Vs Ford Figo – The Battle Of The Hot Hatches

After test driving the Ford Figo and the Volkswagen Polo, we compare the two latest hatchback cars in the Indian market

Volkswagen Polo Vs Ford Figo – The Battle Of The Hot Hatches
Photo: Ford Figo front view

Its raining hatchback Cars in India in 2010. The Fiat Punto was launched first, followed by the VW Polo and then the Ford Figo. We have been asked this question again and again – how do they compare?

Volkswagen Polo Vs Ford Figo – The Battle Of The Hot Hatches
VW Polo, taking a rest mid-way through the road test

Now that we have driven the Figo and the Polo, we are now in a position to answer this question. Read our Volkswagen Polo road test or the Ford Figo road test. Remember that you still have to make up your own mind based on your exact requirements.

First things first. Both the Volkswagen Polo and the Ford Figo are very differently styled. The Volkswagen Polo is clearly has trademark German looks, while the Ford Figo is more American. The Figo has styling elements from several cars in the Ford lineup including the Fiesta and the Fusion. If you want to know which is the better looker, that clearly goes to the VW Polo. It is the more contemporary looking hatchback car for sure.

Figo reminds you of the Ford Fusion as you can see in the photos, but it is a more integrated design than the Fusion. The Volkswagen Polo looks like a mini Jetta, and the quality too is at par with its elder brother.

Size-wise the Polo has an advantage – but only on the outside. The Polo has more rounded looks while the Figo makes do with more traditional looks.

In-cabin space is more in the VW Polo, while the Figo is not far behind with more space inside than the Suzuki Swift, which is the benchmark car for this category.

We had tested the Petrol Polo and the power on that 3 pot car was ample for city as well as highway drive. Normally, you would prefer a four cylinder car to a three cylinder one – but the Volkswagen Polo’s little three cylinder engine would make you reconsider that rule of thumb for sure.

The Ford Figo we tested was the 1399 cc diesel variant – not the 1192 cc petrol. We will be bringing you the Ford Figo road test next week.

The diesel Figo borrows the acclaimed TDCI Diesel plant from its elder bother the Fiesta. So power to weight advantage is higher on the Ford Figo diesel as compared to the Fiesta due to the smaller size and weight of the Figo.

Interior quality and plastics on both the cars are of high quality and not much to differentiate there. Seats are supportive and comfortable on the German as well as the American car. The VW Polo has electric steering which is light, while the Figo makes do with a heavier steering. Cornering and high speed driving are both reasonably good on both the cars due to the stiff suspension setup.

Features-wise, the Ford Figo scores over the Volkswagen Polo except for the absence of the rear power windows. Apart from this the Figo Titanium variant comes loaded with a music player which also doubles up as a Bluetooth receiver to receive and make calls while driving.

At the end of the day if you are very price conscious then it’s the Ford Figo for you which is nearly Rs 1 lakh cheaper than the Polo but if it’s the German engineering that indulges you then the VW Polo is the right choice.

VW Polo Prices and Varients at a glance –

Engine/ Trimline Price (INR in Lakhs)

1.2L 75 HP Petrol Trendline Rs 4,34,000
1.2L 75 HP Petrol Comfortline Rs 4,83,800
1.2L 75 HP Petrol Highline Rs 5,72,000
1.2 L 75 HP TDI Trendline Rs 5,32,000
1.2L 75 HP TDI Comfortline Rs 5,81,800
1.2L 75 HP TDI Highline Rs 6,70,000

Ford Figo Prices and Varients at a glance –

Ford Figo Duratec Petrol 1.2 Litre prices

LXI – Rs. 3,49,900

EXI – Rs. 3,81,900

ZXI – Rs. 3,99,900

Titanium – Rs. 4,42,900

Ford Figo Duratorq Diesel 1.4 Litre prices

LXI – Rs. 4,47,900

EXI – Rs. 4,72,900

ZXI – Rs. 4,96,900

Titanium – Rs. 5,29,900