Volkswagen pushes the performance envelope with 2 liter, 268 Bhp TDI turbo diesel engine

German automaking behemoth Volkswagen, has pushed the performance envelope further with a 2 liter-4 cylinder TDI twin turbo diesel engine that makes 268.2 Bhp of power, equating to about 134 Bhp/liter. Torque figures of this engine remain under wraps although we estimate this motor to churn out about 550 Nm. The additional power and torque boost on the 2 liter TDI motor has been achieved by shoehorning an electric supercharger, piezo electric diesel injectors operating at higher pressures of 2,500 BAR and variable valve timing.

Volkswagen 2 Liter TDI Turbo Diesel Engine with 268 Bhp Pic
Volkswagen 2 Liter TDI Turbo Diesel Engine with 268 Bhp


Electric superchargers promise to be the next big thing in the world of force induction. Recently, Volvo revealed a 2 liter Drive-E concept petrol engine with twin turbochargers and an electric supercharger set up. The electric supercharger produces compressed air to spool the twin turbochargers, doing away with exhaust gases for the initial spool up. This strategy eliminates turbo lag, to make for linear power delivery across the rev spectrum. The Drive-E motor promises a 450 Bhp output, a figure without precedence in the 2 liter, turbo petrol engine world. Electric superchargers come with none of the parasitic power losses associated with mechanical superchargers, and could therefore see wide adoption.

While the German automaker is yet to reveal the car that will receive this high performance diesel engine, the 8th generation 2015 Passat luxury sedan and the upcoming, 2rd generation 2018 Phaeton luxury saloon are the potential suitors for this high strung diesel motor. Volkswagen also announced a new, DQ550 twin clutch gearbox with no less than 10 ratios. The 10 speed DSG gearbox comes with a torque handling capacity of 550 Nm, which also hints at the torque that the new, 2 liter TDI diesel engine is likely to make.

8th Generation 2015 Volkswagen Passat Photo
8th Generation 2015 Volkswagen Passat Luxury Sedan


Blazing fast gear shifts and improved fuel efficiency due to a lighter set up are the major advantages that are likely to accrue out of the new, DQ550 DSG gearbox. Meanwhile, Volkswagen has discontinued both the Passat and the Phaeton luxury cars from the Indian car market on account of uninspiring sales. While the Passat will get a reboot next year with the advent of the 8th generation, all new model based on the MQB platform, the Phaeton’s future in India remains hazy considering the fact that the second generation version is not due for a launch anytime before 2018.

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