Volkswagen T-Cross Compact SUV: Hyundai Creta-rival REVEALED!

Volkswagen has officially revealed the all-new T-Cross after months of waiting. The compact SUV is a highly-awaited product around the world and marks the entry of the Volkswagen in the compact SUV segment. The T-Cross would take on the likes of Hyundai Creta and will be launched in the Indian market at a later time.

Volkswagen T-Cross Compact SUV: Hyundai Creta-rival REVEALED!

The T-Cross is based on the new-generation Volkswagen Polo platform and will be focused on the emerging markets like Brazil and India. Developed markets like the USA would not get the model at all. The T-Cross would use the MQB-A0 platform.

In India, Skoda Auto is in charge of spearheading the Volkswagen Group operations in India and they are working on the Indianised version of the platform, which is named as the MQB A0-IN. It would be a heavily localised version, which will allow them the price the vehicles very aggressively. The first product on the new platform is expected to arrive in 2020, about the same time when the T-Cross is expected in the Indian market.

The Volkswagen T Cross measures little longer than 4meters at 4.11 meters. It will take on the Hyundai Creta directly along with models like the Nissan Kicks and even Tata Harrier in the Indian market. The SUV’s design takes inspiration from the bigger SUVs of the group like the Tiguan and the Touareg.

Internationally, the T-Cross would be powered by a 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine that is tuned to in two different states of tunes – 94 Bhp and 113 Bhp. There is a 1.6-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine too that develops 94 Bhp. Volkswagen is expected to add the most powerful 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine to the line-up post-launch. It develops a maximum of 148 Bhp. The T-Cross would get both the manual and automatic engine options. Like the Polo, a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission would be available with the T-Cross.

Volkswagen T-Cross Compact SUV: Hyundai Creta-rival REVEALED!

The T-Cross comes with a host of features like lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and an anti-collision system with pedestrian detection, however, most of these features would not make to the Indian version of the car to keep the cost low.

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