Volkswagen Taigun vs Hyundai Creta: Road presence compared

Volkswagen will soon launch its all-important mid-size SUV – the Taigun in the Indian market next month. The Taigun will enter the highly competitive and aggressive segment, which is currently ruled by the Creta and there are no signs of competitors displacing it from the spot. Well, how does the Taigun looks alongside the Creta on the roads? Well, here are a few pictures of both the cars together.

Volkswagen Taigun vs Hyundai Creta: Road presence compared

The pictures are from Siddharth Vinayak Patankar‘s Twitter account. Both the vehicles are clicked from different angles. The pictures show us how both the cars look compared to each other. These pictures also allow us to find the car that has a better road presence.

Road presence

Volkswagen Taigun vs Hyundai Creta: Road presence compared

Now if we follow the dimensions of both the vehicles, the Hyundai Creta is bigger in size. The Hyundai Creta is 4,300mm long compared to 4,221mm of the Taigun. Also, the Creta is wider by 30mm and measures 1,790mm while the height of the Creta is also taller at 1,635mm compared to 1,612mm.

The Taigun, however, has a much longer wheelbase. The Creta offers 2,610mm of wheelbase while the Taigun offers 2,651mm of wheelbase. So dimension-wise, the Creta has an advantage. It does look much bulkier than the agile Taigun.

Volkswagen Taigun vs Hyundai Creta: Road presence compared

The Creta also gets Katana-inspired full-LED daytime running lamps that really stand out in the traffic. Coming to Taigun, Volkswagen offers two different LED DRL styles depending on the variant. But the DRLs are not some special design that gives an identity to the car. Hence, the Creta is easily identifying in the ORVM and also looks quite intimidating.

Volkswagen Taigun vs Hyundai Creta: Road presence compared

The rear design of Taigun

The rear design of the Taigun is really interesting. It does look much sportier than most other vehicles in the segment including the Creta. Whereas the Creta maintains the same Katana blade-inspired design in the rear, the Taigun really spreads it with the blacked-out tail lamps and an LED bar connection both.

Look at both the cars together, the Taigun does look sportier whereas the Creta looks premium. During our drive of the Taigun, we also felt that Volkswagen has extended the sporty design of the vehicle to its engine options as well. The Taigun sure is a car for the enthusiasts who buy a car for its performance and handling.

Volkswagen will launch the Taigun only with two turbo-petrol engine options – 1.0-litre and 1.5-litre. The Creta offers three engine options – a 1.5 naturally-aspirated petrol, 1.5-litre turbo-diesel and a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine option. When it comes to features, the Creta offers a much longer list of options compared to the Taigun.

Volkswagen is yet to announce the price of the Taigun officially in the Indian market. However, the production and the bookings for the car have started and the price announcement is likely to happen very soon.