Volkswagen Touareg SUV discontinued from India

Volkswagen Touareg SUV discontinued from India

Volkswagen India has discontinued the Touareg SUV. Until it went out of sale earlier this month, the luxury SUV was imported into the country as a completely built unit (CBU), and was Volkswagen India’s flagship offering. Priced at 58.5 lakh rupees ex-showroom Delhi, the Touareg SUV was also the most expensive Volkswagen vehicle sold in India, after the now-discontinued Phaeton luxury saloon.

Currently, the Jetta sedan is Volkswagen’s priciest offering in the Indian car market, with an ex-showroom Delhi price of 19.02 lakh rupees. For an automaker who started with the top-down approach in India, with vehicles priced up to about 80 lakh rupees (Phaeton), the shift in tactics has been acute, what with the most expensive Volkswagen car in India, in this case the Jetta sedan, selling at under 20 lakh rupees.

The Touareg is based on the PL71 platform that also underpins other SUVs in the Volkswagen group such as the Audi Q7 and the Porsche Cayenne. A five seat SUV, the Touareg was sold in India for 3 years, from 2012. Volkswagen used to sell the Touareg in India with a single engine option, in the form of a 3 liter-V6 turbo diesel motor with 242 Bhp-550 Nm outputs. The engine uses an 8 speed automatic gearbox for torque transmission duties.

An all wheel drive system and air suspension are offered as standard fare on the Touareg. However, the Touareg never really managed to make a dent on other luxury SUV offerings in India as the Volkswagen brand simply doesn’t have the same street cred as say an Audi or a Mercedes Benz. This is perhaps the reason why Volkswagen has gone in for a strategic re-alignment in terms of vehicle offerings for the Indian car market, with all CBU offerings now discontinued from India.

The Passat luxury sedan, which is a CKD model that was discontinued last year, will make a comeback next year. The 8th generation Passat sedan will sit at the top of the Volkswagen car line up in India, with a sub-30 lakh rupee price tag. The chances of Volkswagen India relaunching the likes of he next-generation Touareg and Phaeton models are remote at the moment. Volkswagen is now a three car brand in India, with its vehicle line up comprising of the Polo, Vento and Jetta.