Volkswagen Vento owner mistakenly reverses into restaurant by pressing accelerator instead of brake [Video]

While automatic vehicles are the way of life in many developed countries, the share of automatic cars is still a small number. Even though there are more people adopting automatic cars, it can be a confusing affair for many. Here is a Volkswagen Vento owner who reversed into a restaurant after putting his car in reverse instead of drive, and pressing the accelerator instead of the brakes.

Two ways it could have happened

VW Vento came with both automatic and manual transmissions. Putting the reverse gear by mistake is possible in both the transmission types of the Vento. Here is what we think could have happened.

The car was parked outside the restaurant when the owner of the car sat in the vehicle when the incident happened. According to the details, the owner of the car sat in the Vento, which was an automatic variant. Instead of putting it in the D, the owner shifted to the R, which is the reverse.

Without noticing the mistake, the owner pushed the accelerator and the car went over the ramp to enter the restaurant and broke the glass wall. It seems like the driver pushed the accelerator all the way as the vehicle got onto the ramp and crashed into the glass wall. The driver was alone in the vehicle at the time of the accident and he was not injured. Everyone in the restaurant was safe too.

Volkswagen Vento owner mistakenly reverses into restaurant by pressing accelerator instead of brake [Video]

While we are not sure, it could have been the manual transmission of the Vento as well. Since the Vento gets the six-speed manual transmission with the H-pattern, you have to lift a knob on the transmission to put it into the reverse. Many new drivers lift the lever to put the first gear. The H-pattern manual transmission could be quite confusing to the new drivers. While we are not sure of the exact transmission of this vehicle, this could have happened in the manual as well as the automatic transmission.

Volkswagen Vento owner mistakenly reverses into restaurant by pressing accelerator instead of brake [Video]

Such accidents are not new

Last year, a Tata Tiago fell from a showroom after the owner got confused. The dealership was delivering the Tata Tiago to the customer. The CCTV footage shows, the vehicle was on the first floor and was positioned on a hydraulic ramp. The customer, who is in the driver’s seat was talking to the salesman. The salesman seems to be explaining the features of the Tata Tiago.

Maybe that is why the engine was on. The footage shows that the vehicle starts moving and the salesman even tries to stop the driver. However, the car goes straight through the glass panes and falls to the ground from the first floor.

We are not sure how the customer started to drive the car and why he could not stop it. It seems like that the driver is still learning and did not know how to stop the car. Also, it can be possible that it was the AMT variant and the customer engaged the drive mode and then pressed the accelerator instead of the brake due to the panic situation. Such accidents are not uncommon.

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