Volkswagen Vento TDI owner: Have done 350,000 Kms in 13 years, still drives like new [Video]

when we talk about reliable cars, brands like Toyota is what comes to our mind. We have heard about Toyota Fortuners and Innovas doing 4-5 lakh km and have featured many of them on our website too. It is not just the Japanese, who are capable of building highly reliable engines. Here we have an ownership review of a Volkswagen Vento TDI. The owner of this sedan shares his experience with the sedan which is 12 years old and has done around 3.5 lakh km in total. Vento was discontinued from the market and it was replaced with Virtus sedan.

The video has been uploaded by Sunderdeep Singh on his YouTube channel. In this video, the owner talks about his experience with the Vento sedan. Volkswagen does not offer diesel engine options in the market anymore and the car seen here is actually a 2010 model 1.6 litre TDI Vento sedan in Silver shade. The car looks brand new even today. There are no major dents or scratches visible on the car and the vlogger mentions that the car still has the original paint on it. Volkswagen launched several facelifts for the Vento sedan in the market and as the owner felt that his car had started to look outdated, he chaged the front fascia and the alloy wheels to retain freshness.

Other than this, no other modifications have been done to the car. The interior on this car is still stock and just like the exterior, interior on this sedan is also very clean. The owner mentions that he is very happy with the sedan and has done close to 3.5 lakh km. The car is serviced at authorised service center only and he did face couple of issues with the car initially but, he found a way to fix them as well. At around 25,000 kms, the fuel injectors in the car stopped working and that was because of the low quality fuel that was available in the market. After fixing the issue, he did some research and found that adding additives would help increase the life of the component. Since then, they have been working just fine.

Volkswagen Vento TDI owner: Have done 350,000 Kms in 13 years, still drives like new [Video]

There was an electrical issue with the car at around 90,000 km due which the odometer readings and several settings in the car had to be reset. After the meter was reset, the car had done around 2.5 lakh km. The owner mentions that, he did not feel the service cost of Volkswagen cars too expensive and most of the parts in the car last very long. The owner can be heard saying that with proper maintenance and care, Volkswagen cars can also last for a lifetime like Japanese vehicles. As this is the car from the first lot, most of the parts were not localised and that reflects in the overall build quality too. Even after 3.5 lakh km the car feel like new and the owner mentions that the car is currently running on second set of clutch and the front shock absorbers were replaced only recently. He even mentions that some of the parts used in Vento are cheaper than its competitors. The owner is very happy with the performance and the fuel economy of the Volkswagen Vento. He has no plans to sell the car at all.