Volkswagen Virtus GT makes it to the Zoji La pass despite heavy snowfall and black ice [Video]

A trip to the city of Leh in Ladakh is a dream of many automotive enthusiasts. The road trip to this city is filled with beautiful sceneries and breathtaking adventures. Most people, however, wish to reach this destination in SUVs, which have the capabilities to maneuver in these hilly areas. But this YouTuber has shared a video of him reaching the coveted Zoji La Pass and the city of Leh in his Volkswagen Virtus GT. The video of this breathtaking adventure has been shared by Pratham Shokeen on their channel.

The presenter starts the video by mentioning that they have been stuck at the Zoji La Pass, which is a mountain pass in the Himalayas in the Kargil district of Ladakh, for the past 2 and a half hours. He mentions that there has been a blockage of the road due to the collapse of a snow mountain, and they are waiting for the army and machines to come and remove it from the road. The presenter then shows the mileage of the car and states that the Virtus GT is providing a mileage of only 5.1 kmpl.

After some banter in the car with his friends, the presenter gives an update on the situation and mentions that the road ahead is opening up, and vehicles are now slowly moving. He adds that the Indian army has arrived at the scene and is helping to clear the path. The presenter then takes a moment to appreciate the efforts of the army men by stating that they are standing in such cold weather helping everyone in the situation. Following this, he adds that they are moving but only a few feet at a time.

Moving on to the next update, the presenter states that his Virtus GT, along with his friend’s Hyundai i20, has been stopped at the side of the road by the authorities. He mentions that the other bigger SUVs in their convoy have been allowed to go through. The presenter mentions that he is not sure if they will allow their two-wheel drive cars to move ahead. He states that the authorities have stopped them and said that they won’t be able to let them go any further.

Volkswagen Virtus GT makes it to the Zoji La pass despite heavy snowfall and black ice [Video]


After some time, the presenter gives an update that after requesting the people in front, they have allowed them to move ahead. He stated that he had to tell the authorities that they have let their family members ahead in the SUVs, so they should allow them to move ahead as well. Following this, he gives the update that the authorities have finally allowed them to go up the pass. He adds that the reason for stopping them was that there was black ice on the road, and the authorities told them that the heavier vehicles in the front will break the ice and help clear the road for the lighter vehicles in the traffic behind.

Finally, after some moments of waiting, the presenter and his friends were then allowed to move towards the Zoji La pass, and he shows the Zero point milestone of the Zoji La Pass. After reaching this point, the presenter then gives the next update that they have reached Dras, also known locally in Shina in Kargil Ladakh. At this point, they meet up with the rest of their crew. The presenter then drives the Toyota Fortuner and lets his friend drive the Virtus GT. After some time, all the cars, including the two Virtus GTs, Hyundai i20, Mahindra Thar, Toyota Fortuner, and Toyota Innova, manage to finally reach their destination.