Volkswagen Virtus owner does nearly 50,000 Kms in just 1 year: Long term ownership review on video

The Volkswagen Virtus is one of the most popular mid-size sedans in India. The car, soon after its launch, became a household name in the performance car community in India. Owing to this, a ton of automotive enthusiasts bought this sedan. The car has been out for just a little over 1.5 years, and even in this short time, an owner of this sedan has driven it around 50,000 km. Now, after driving this sedan extensively, the owner of the car has shared his long-term ownership experience. The video has been shared online, and he goes in-depth with all the details.

The video of the Volkswagen Virtus GT long-term ownership review has been shared on YouTube by Yagya Sharma on their channel. The video starts off with the Virtus GT in front of the camera and its introduction. The presenter mentions that this particular Virtus GT belongs to his friend, who is also a fellow YouTuber by the name of Daksh Ahlawat. He then adds that so far this car has been driven around 47,000 and some odd km.

Following the introduction, the owner of the car starts by mentioning that on September 1st, his car reached its one-year mark. The owner of the vehicle then states that he claims that this is the highest mileage Volkswagen Virtus GT on YouTube, Instagram, and in India. He adds that the car would have crossed the 50,000 km mark, but it did not because it was parked for around 2-2.5 months.

Volkswagen Virtus owner does nearly 50,000 Kms in just 1 year: Long term ownership review on video

Problems faced in one year

Next up, he starts off with the negatives of the car. He prefaces that the car has been very reliable, and apart from a few minor issues, the car itself has not given them too much trouble. After this, he mentions that the first problem he faced with the sedan was that after a software update, his window would go up but not close and bounce back. For this, he went to the dealership, and they re-updated the software, and the car became normal.

Following this, the other major issue that he faced was that the car had a water leak from the air conditioner line that ran behind the pedals. He mentioned that the car’s driver footwell would fill with water. He states that this issue was caught due to a check airbag light on his car. He then, after discovering this issue, left his vehicle at the shop for 15 days. He added that in the meantime, he was driving a few of his other vehicles.

Modifications done to the car

Volkswagen Virtus owner does nearly 50,000 Kms in just 1 year: Long term ownership review on video

Moving forward, the presenter asked the owner about the mods done to the car. He mentions that currently he has wrapped his original gray-colored Virtus GT in black and has added a Remus catback exhaust with full stainless steel piping. He adds that the car, apart from that, is mostly stock. He added that this system comes with a remote which allows opening up or closing the valves of the exhaust depending upon the button pressed.

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