Volvo shows off 300mm ground clearance in crazy TVC

Volvo has always been known for making one of the safest vehicles in the world. Apart from passenger cars, Volvo also manufactures heavy vehicles including buses, trucks, tippers, pullers and other equipment vehicles. Well, to show the 300mm of ground clearance, Volvo released a crazy advertisement almost 7 years ago from now. We certainly skipped a heartbeat after viewing this advertisement. Did you?

In the TVC, Volvo is advertising about the all-new FMX series that was launched back then. The technician who is seen talking in the ad is Roland Svensson. To give you an idea, the head of the person measured around 275mm from the ground and the FMX series trucks offer a maximum of 300mm of ground clearance. The advertisement shows what a few centimetres of space can do.

Svensson says that Volvo has redesigned the underbody of the truck to allow a few centimetres more ground clearance. The truck, in the meantime, can be seen in the background speeding towards Sevnsson’s head, which is buried in the middle of nowhere with his head popping out. The truck goes over his head ensuring that it does not touch the head or his safety helmet.

Volvo shows off 300mm ground clearance in crazy TVC

Now in real-world conditions, the driver of trucks will not obviously find such people popping out the roads but large rocks, stray animals are quite common on the highways. Such a big ground clearance can surely save the trucks from any kind of damage. Ground clearance always helps, especially if the vehicle goes through rough terrain and unknown places a lot.

Interesting Volvo Ads

Volvo has made some of the most interesting advertisements. A few of them include the epic advertisement with Jean-Claude Van Damme doing a full split on two trucks. The advertisement was done to show the stability of the Volvo trucks.

Back in 2013, Volvo released an advertisement with a hamster. To show how easy it is to operate the steering wheel of the Volvo trucks, a hamster was used in the live experiment. A special track was built for the hamster on the steering wheel and the driver of the truck used a treat to move the hamster, hence, moving the steering wheel too. Even this advertisement idea was quite interesting and was applauded around the world.

Volvo Equipment released an advertisement showing how agile their excavators really are and what all they can do. In the TVC, a famous personality makes the excavators do exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, side-to-sides and much more.

There are many such Volvo advertisements that put a smile on our face. We are sure that there are many other advertisements that you like too. In India, the Bajaj Pulsar advertisements became very popular, especially the Pulsar Mania commercial that was done by several stunt professionals called from around the world. Also, advertisements of the Tata Safari including the “Reclaim Your Life” and the Safari Petrol variant became very popular too. In fact, the Safari Reclaim Your Life ad became so popular that BMW even got inspired by the same and did a commercial in a similar way for the X5. Not to forget the Jeep Compass’s ad for the Indian market and Mahindra’s Live Young Live Free ads too!