All Volvo cars & SUVs to get speed LOCKED at 180 Kmph

Volvo, the Swedish carmaker has announced that all their cars will now come with a speed lock mechanism. All the cars sold around the globe from the brand will be restricted at 180 km/h. In a bid to bring down the serious injuries and fatalities due to road accidents, Volvo is known for pioneering safety and making one of the safest vehicles in the world. Further, the manufacturer has also announced that they will offer the ‘Care Key’ with every new Volvo model, which will allow the owners to further restrict the speed of their vehicles.

All Volvo cars & SUVs to get speed LOCKED at 180 Kmph

The Swedish manufacturer says that steps will improve traffic safety and help people reflect and realise that speeding is dangerous. Car accidents kill lakhs of people globally every year and Volvo hopes to change that with their new restrictions.

Malin Ekholm, head of the Volvo Cars Safety Centre, said,

“We believe that a car maker has a responsibility to help improve traffic safety. Our speed-limiting technology, and the dialogue that it initiated, fits that thinking. The speed cap and Care Key help people reflect and realise that speeding is dangerous, while also providing extra peace of mind and supporting better driver behaviour.”

Volvo adds that there have been a few controversies on the speed limit cap in the past. A few observers have asked about the rights of the company to do so. However, the Swedish carmaker has said that above a certain speed limit, the in-car safety technologies can be useless and might not save the passengers. This is the reason, Volvo has restricted the speed of the cars to ensure a safer environment.

A few weeks ago, Volvo announced that they will partner with Luminar, and all the future cars from the brand will be equipped with LIDAR technology. Light Detection and Ranging technology are an array of sensors that are used in most modern vehicles for technologies like automatic technology braking, lane-keeping assist and a host of other autonomous driving capabilities. Volvo is also working on a self-driving feature that will work on the highways. Known as the “Highway Pilot”, the feature will be available with the Scalable Product Architecture 2 platform that will underpin the all-new XC90 SUV. The next-generation Volvo XC90 is expected to be launched in 2022.

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