Volvo India – Upcoming cars for 2014 and 2015

Snapshot – Volvo has just announced that it wants to increase sales by more than 10 fold in India, to 10,000 units by 2018. To spearhead this sales increase, the Swedish luxury car maker owned by Chinese automaker Geely will set up an assembly unit in India.

While the assembly unit will ensure sharp pricing for Volvo cars sold here, the other big challenge is to build a variety of cars to make best use of the CKD assembly facility and to also grow sales. Volvo has lined up a range of cars for the Indian luxury car market in the next couple of years. CarToq lists out the new Volvo cars for India. 


S60 sedan with Drive-E engines

Late last year, Volvo updated the S60 luxury sedan with a minor facelift. The engines of the S60 didn’t see any change though. Earlier this year, Volvo announced a new range of Drive-E turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines that come packed with technology to boost both power and fuel efficiency. The new range of Drive-E engines will replace the 5 cylinder diesel motors and the 6 cylinder petrol motors, with compact, lighter 4 cylinder units.

The S60 will get the T5, 4 cylinder turbo petrol and D5, 4 cylinder turbo diesel engines. The T5 turbo petrol engine outputs 240 Bhp and 350 Nm (380 Nm on overboost) while the D5 turbo diesel engine outputs 178 Bhp and 400 Nm of peak torque. Both engines get Start-Stop, brake energy regeneration and coasting functions to boost fuel efficiency and minimize tail pipe emissions.

XC60 crossover with Drive-E engines

The Volvo XC60 Crossover, like the S60 sedan, got a makeover recently. The XC60 will share the new, four cylinder T5 and D5 turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines with the S60. These engines will be mated to 8 speed automatic gearboxes as standard. The gearbox will support front wheel drive and all wheel drive functions.

Apart from turbocharging, the Drive-E range of engines will feature variable valve timing and Volvo’s i-ART direct injection technology. The i-ART technology involves the usage of individual pressure feedback sensors in injectors instead of the single pressure sensor in the common rail. The individual feedback sensors will allow for more precise metering, improving power and fuel efficiency.


All-New Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) based XC90 SUV

Volvo’s first product on the spanking new Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) will be the XC90 SUV. The new SUV will replace the current version as Volvo’s flagship product. The XC90 SUV will be revealed at this year’s Paris Motor Show and is expected to arrive into India next year.

Since Volvo is setting up a CKD assembly unit in India, the next-generation SPA based XC90 is likely to take the CKD route into India. Sharp pricing could be the result and the X90 SUV will be  all set to take on German and English rivals such as Audi-BMW-Mercedes Benz and Land Rover.

S90 luxury sedan that will replace the S80 

Like the SPA based XC90 SUV replaces the current SUV model, the S80 luxury sedan will make way for the SPA based S90 sedan next year. The S80 was the first car Volvo introduced in India during 2006, and the new sedan is likely to make an Indian appearance soon after its global launch.

The next-generation car is expected to be loaded with cutting edge safety kit, as is the case with all Volvo cars. The S90 will use the Drive-E range of turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines. Also, an all wheel drive layout will be offered on Euro-spec models. Expect the new car to be much more luxurious than the outgoing model, with a new design as well. The Volvo Concept Coupe is expected to be an inspiration for the S90’s design.