Volvo putting together S90 luxury saloon to replace S80; Product roadmap detailed

By 2017, the Volvo XC90 Luxury SUV – due to be unveiled very soon – will be the oldest car in the Swedish automaker’s line up. The Chinese Geely owned car maker is gung-ho on new products across its entire range of cars and SUVs, and the Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) based XC90 will be the first among a slew of new Volvo cars.

Volvo putting together S90 luxury saloon to replace S80; Product roadmap detailed
2015 Volvo XC90 based on the SPA used as an illustration


The automaker’s next big product based on the SPA will be the S90 luxury saloon, which will replace the current-generation S80 sedan. The S90 will borrow many features from the XC90 and this includes the new, sharper design language and the new set of safety features. Engines and gearboxes of the new S90 will also move to the next generation.

The S90 also promises to be larger than the outgoing S80, and the larger size will bring along greater opulence. Apart from the regular saloon body style, the S90 is also expected to get a coupe body style that is aimed at infusing a modicum of sportiness to the new saloon range based on the SPA.

The S90 will arrive into international markets in 2015. Volvo will also replace the station wagon version of the current S80, which is called the V70, with a new station wagon dubbed the V90, which will also be based on the SPA. The other Volvo cars that are set to see generational changes in the next couple of years are the S60, XC60 and the V60.

The all-new XC60, based on the SPA, is expected to arrive in 2016, followed by the S60 and V60 replacements in 2017. In addition to moving its existing range of cars to the Scalable Platform Architecture, Volvo is also said to be working on a new platform for its compact luxury range of cars.

The new platform, called the CMA, is expected to underpin the new range of affordable luxury cars from Volvo, such as the C30 and the XC30. The CMA platform will be shared with Chinese automaker and Volvo’s owner, Geely, and will be Volvo’s answer to BMW’s UKL and Mercedes Benz’s MFA platforms.

Via TheWallStreetJournal