Volvo S60 D3 sedan launched – prices start at Rs. 24 lakhs

Today, Volvo Auto India launched the D3 variants of its S60 luxury car along with the S80 and the XC60 models. The S60 D3 is priced at Rs. 23.99 lakh, the S80 at Rs. 31.99 lakh while the XC60 costs Rs. 33.99 lakh.

Inaugural discount

With an inaugural discount of Rs. 70,000, the S60 D3, S80 D3 and the XC60 D3 are offered at introductory prices of Rs. 23.2 lakh, Rs. 31. 2 lakh and Rs. 33.2 lakh respectively till the end of March 2012.

Volvo S60 D3 sedan launched – prices start at Rs. 24 lakhs

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The D3 variant of the S60 is powered by a 2-litre, turbo diesel motor that puts out 163 bhp of power and 400 Nm of torque. The claimed mileage for the S60 D3 is an impressive 18.5 kmpl.

The S60 D3 Kinetic is the low-end variant while the S60 D3 Summum is the top-end variant.  The S60 is also offered in three other variants namely, the D5 Kinetic (Rs. 27 lakh), the D5 Summum (Rs. 32 lakh) and the T6 Summum (Rs. 34 lakh) variants.

The D5 variants are powered by 2.4-litre diesel motor that puts out 205 bhp of power while the T6 variant is powered by 3-litre petrol motor that puts out an impressive 304 bhp of power. The Volvo S60 is a stylish sedan with its coupe like profile and sportier proportions. The distinct ‘race track’ design as described by Volvo, will likely attract buyers who are inclined to athletic stance. The interiors of the S60 have a driver oriented design, yet manage to carve in space for five passengers.

Let’s see how the S60 stacks up against its chief competitors the BMW 3-series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Volvo S60 D3 vs. BMW 3-series

The Volvo S60 D3 priced at Rs. 23.2 lakh will compete with the BMW 320d which starts at Rs. 24.40 lakh.  Though the Volvo S60 has only a slight edge over the BMW 3-series in terms of price, the S60 offers more safety features than the Bimmer at a significantly low cost. For instance, the S60 D3 gets interior air quality system; laser assisted automatic braking for city safety, whiplash protection, active bending lights and dynamic stability traction control which the BMW sedan lacks.

The S60 D3 motor out 31 bhp more power and 50 Nm more torque than the 320d engine. This will likely make the S60 have an edge over the 320d in terms of acceleration and top-end performance.  The S60 also shines in terms of interior space, comfort and ride quality than the Bimmer. But, the 320d is a better handler than the S60. The S60 is an attractive package when compared with the present 3-series. However, the 2012 BMW 3-series launch is expected in June 2012 and hence, we have to wait and watch as which premium sedan offers more bang for your buck.

Volvo S60 D3 vs. Mercedes-Benz C-Class CDI

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class starting at Rs. 29.99 lakh is significantly pricier than the Vovlo S60 starting at Rs. 23.20 lakh. In particular, the diesel variant of the C-Class, C 250 CDI Avant-garde costs Rs. 33.33 lakh which is nearly Rs. 10 lakh more than the S60 D3.

Performance wise, the C-Class may have an edge for its 2.2-litre diesel motor puts out 100 Nm of torque more than the S60 D3’s motor. Though the power of both the engines remain nearly equal (204 bhp in C-Class CDI and 205 bhp in S60 D3). When it comes to ride quality, the C-Class has an edge over the S60, but comfort wise, both are equally comfortable.

The C-Class comes with safety features such as intelligent light system and attention assist system that alerts the drive in case of drowsiness or inattentiveness. However, the Merc sedan lacks features offered in the Volvo S60 such as laser assisted automatic braking for city safety, whiplash protection, active bending lights and dynamic stability traction control. Overall, the S60 costs much less than the C-Class, but comes equipped with advanced safety features and offering good mileage as well.


The S60 is Volvo’s key model to expand its sales volume. The Swedish company has relatively been a dormant player as the premium car market is dominated by the three German brands: Mercedes-Benz, Audi and the BMW.

Volvo has made a novel approach by pricing its cars such as the D3 variants of S60 significantly under cuts the prices of the German luxury brands. But, Volvo has to equally expand its sales and service network in order to achieve its aim of capturing 15 per cent market share in Indian luxury car segment by 2020.

*All prices are ex-showroom, Delhi.