Volvo S90 driver runs over child: Child miraculously survives [Video]

volvo car runs over kid surat gujarat

Children playing on the roads is always dangerous and here is how it can turn disastrous. This incident from Surat, Gujarat, shows how a Volvo S90 driver went over a child in a secure society. The incident was caught on camera.

The frightening incident shows a narrow lane inside the society and a 7-year-old child playing. The child sits down while playing and seems to be picking something. The Volvo S90 driver takes a right turn, and most likely the child fell in the blind spot of the car.

Since the child was hidden behind the A-pillar of the car, the driver did not stop and went over him. However, the Volvo sedan has a good amount of ground clearance, so it went over the child without harming him.

Volvo S90 driver runs over child: Child miraculously survives [Video]

Even though the child sustained injuries to his head and face, he remained out of danger. The Volvo driver, however, did not get to know that he went over the kid. The incident happened in the Jeevandeep Society of Katargam area during the Diw celebrations.

The Volvo S90 does offer a blindspot monitoring system but it is only for the cars in the rear of the sedan. The blind spots created by the A-Pillar go unnoticed and the driver needs to be more careful in such incidents. The rear blindspot monitoring system works on the roads by detecting vehicles in the blind spots and then warning the driver about it. However, there is no such system for the front blind spot zones.

No ADAS in Volvo

ADAS could have been helpful in this situation by applying autonomous emergency brakes (AEB). In many cars, the ADAS saves the day in similar situations. The system works with the data from radar and cameras and has no blind spots. If the Volvo S90 had been equipped with ADAS, it could have applied the automatic brakes and ensured that the child remained safe.

It is not safe for children to run across the roads. There have been numerous accidents in the past due to kids running across the roads. It is important for children to play in designated areas within the society, rather than on the roads where there is a lot of vehicular movement.

Jaywalking is a common sight on Indian roads. Pedestrians crossing the roads without considering the cars often leads to thousands of accidents every year. Additionally, Indian motorists sometimes have unsafe habits, such as not slowing down before a zebra crossing.

Not only do jaywalkers pose a risk, but videos have also captured animals being caught in similar situations. Driving or riding at high speeds minimizes reaction time, which can result in accidents.