Volvo sedan ‘total loss’ in crash but saves driver: Impressed owner buys another Volvo!

Volvo is known to make some of the safest car in the world. They manufacture a variety of SUVs and sedans in their portfolio. We have come across several incidents where Volvo cars have saved the lives of the occupants. They are reliable too as we have featured a Volvo sedan story from the USA where the owner completed 10 lakh miles in his car. Most of these incidents were reported from outside India. However, here we have a video where the owner of a Volvo S90 sedan was so impressed with the build quality after a crash that he bought a new Volvo XC60 SUV.

The video has been shared by Baiju N Nair on his YouTube channel. In this video, the anchor talks to the owner of a Volvo S90 that was involved in a crash. The car was owned by Sumesh, a businessman based out of Kerala’s Malappuram district. He has several vehicles in his garage and he bought a Volvo S90 sedan after selling his Audi A6 luxury sedan. The Volvo S90 was usually driven by his driver Ameer and the accident happened during one such trip. Ameer drove Sumesh to the airport and on his way to home, a truck that was coming back high speed crashed into the rear of the sedan.

S90 is a low-slung sedan. The boot of the car was trapped under the bumper of the truck. As the truck driver had lost control over the truck, it continued to move ahead with a Volvo sedan trapped in its front. The car crashed into 10 other vehicles that were in the front before coming to a stop. The accident happened at night and the driver of the truck later admitted that he fell asleep behind the wheel. The airbags in the Volvo S90 were all deployed and the driver was trapped inside the car as he could not do anything.

Volvo sedan ‘total loss’ in crash but saves driver: Impressed owner buys another Volvo!

He was sitting inside the car and he mentions that, not even a single piece of glass fell into the cabin of the car, even after such a major accident. Ameer who was sitting inside the car did not even realise how badly the car was damaged until he came out and had a look. After the crash, all the lights inside the cabin of the Volvo S90 started glowing. This is a safety feature to let people know about the surrounding. The right side door of the car was jammed, so Ameer came out from the co-passenger side. The video mentions that Volvo S90 was so damaged that it had to go in total loss.

After the accident, Ameer called and informed Sumesh about the accident and he also shared the pictures of the car. After seeing the images, Sumesh was worried about Ameer but, he mentioned that Ameer walked away from the accident without even a minor injury. They were all surprised with the way, S90 handled the accident and also kept the occupants safe. Every Volvo car that is available in the market is rigorously tested for safety and we have seen many videos from the manufacturer for the same. Sumesh was so impressed with Volvo’s built quality that he decided to buy a brand new XC60 SUV. He now has plans to buy a XC90 in future.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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