Volvo to bring V40 Crossover to take Mercedes Benz B class, BMW X1

Volvo will launch its V40 crossover in 2013 in India. The Volvo V40, with its sporty styling has the potential to take on both the Mercedes Benz B-class “sports tourer” and the BMW X1/Audi Q3 SUVs in the entry level end of the luxury car market.


The car is likely to be launched in its diesel avatar only. It has three diesel variants; two with 1.5 liter, 115 bhp engines; and one with a 2 liter, 150 bhp engine. Volvo claims a staggering mileage of over 20 kmpl for the less powerful engines.

Volvo V40’s overall dimensions are a trifle smaller compared with Audi Q3 but should have good seating space because of its wheel base which is larger than Audi Q3 by some 4 cm. But boot space—like BMW X1—will remain tight.

The car is “low slung”—more of slightly raised sedan than a true-blue SUV. That puts it closer in styling to BMW X1. Which is not a bad thing. The overall shape is a lot more attractive than Mercedes B-Class. Overall, it should be able to hold its own on ‘looks’ front against its German rivals.

As is wont of Volvo cars, the V40 has been rated by Euro NCAP as one of safest cars it has ever tested.

Volvo has ambitions of becoming the leader in luxury segment in India by 2020. For that to happen it will have to get aggressive on the price front, particularly at the entry level range. That would mean it should price Volvo V40 just a shade lower than Rs. 25 lakh—a Rs. 20 lakh starting price could help Volvo get serious attention in the market. Will it pull it off? Can it really challenge the Germans? Share your thoughts.