Volvo V40 Hatchback to take on Mercedes Benz A-Class & BMW 1-Series?

Last year, Volvo introduced the V40 Cross Country in India, a dolled up version of the V40 hatchback. The V40 Cross Country is essentially a V40 hatchback with a body kit to make it look more butch and SUV-like. With a 145  mm ground clearance, the V40 Cross Country wasn’t fooling any buyers with its pseudo-crossover pretense.

Volvo V40 Hatchback to take on Mercedes Benz A-Class & BMW 1-Series?

Volvo India seems to be mulling a new strategy to push out more V40 cars. Abandoning the entry-level luxury crossover approach, Volvo India is said to be planning to launch the V40 in hatchback guise in April 2015. The V40 hatchback will rub shoulders with the likes of the BMW 1-Series, the Mercedes Benz A-Class and the upcoming Audi A3 hatchback.

While Volvo gave the Cross Country a 145 mm ground clearance, a full 40 mm greater than that of the hatchback variant, the Swedish luxury car maker will have to stick with the V40 Cross Country’s ground clearance for the hatchback too, given the fact that a 105 mm ground clearance is just too low for Indian roads.

Volvo V40 Hatchback to take on Mercedes Benz A-Class & BMW 1-Series?

Why, even the Lamborghini Huracan comes with a rough road package for India that raises the supercar’s ground clearance to 

The hatchback will use the same engine and gearbox set up that the cross country variant comes with. This means that the 2 liter-5 cylinder D3 turbo diesel motor with 150 Bhp-350 Nm outputs and a 6 speed automatic gearbox will be standard fare on the V40 hatchback, which will be front wheel driven.

In terms of safety features, Volvo has loaded the V40 Cross Country to the gills with safety equipment, making it the safest car in its class. The same strategy is likely to be adopted for the V40 hatchback considering that the car will be CBU and given Volvo’s sky high standards when it comes to passenger and pedestrian safety.

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The Volvo V40 hatchback will be imported into India as a completely built unit, a status that may do the car no good as far a pricing is concerned. The V40 Cross Country’s near 40 lakh rupee ex-showroom price tag meant that the crossover has to resign itself to dull sales. For the V40 hatchback to do better, Volvo will definitely have to revisit the pricing strategy for the car.

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