Volvo’s 30 meter-tall ‘drop test’ demonstrates sturdiness of its cars and SUVs [Video]

Priorities of modern day car buyers have changed a lot and safety is one of the most important thing that they look before making a final decision. Many manufacturers around the world have started concentrating more on to that part and Volvo is one such car manufacturer who has been known to make several changes to make cars more safer. Volvo was the first company to invent three pointer seat belt and here we have a video that shows how sturdily Volvo cars are actually built.

The video has been uploaded by DPCcars on their youtube channel. The main aim of this video was to show the build quality of Volvo cars. They conduct drop test on several Volvo models to give a fair idea on how safe their cars and SUVs actually are. As part of the exercise what Volvo did was drop their cars from a height of  30 meters.

They also had a team of fire fighters or emergency response team who were there to see how they need to act or what all equipment will be they need to take out the occupants in case of an accident. The video then shows the whole process, A Volvo XC40 is tied with a harness at the rear and lifted 30 metres in air using a crane. Once the car has touched 30 metres mark, the harness is released and the front of the car hits the ground.

The same exercise is done multiple times from multiple angles to study see the built quality. The shell of the Volvo XC40 was still intact even after so many falls. The side, front and rear of the car had absorbed impact. Next car to face the drop test was V90 CC. The rear side of the car was the first to hit the ground and just like XC40, it was dropped from crane multiple times and the results were quite surprising. Even after falling from a height of 30 metres, the cabin of almost all the volvo cars maintained their shape.

Apart from concentrating on build Quality, Volvo also concentrates on driver safety. They make some of the safest cars in the world and most of their cars have features like lane keep assist, emergency braking system, airbags and so on. Indian manufacturers have also started taking seriously and cars with great build quality. Cars like Mahindra XUV300, Tata Nexon and Tata Altroz have scored 5 star rating at Global NCAP crash test.