VW Polo 180 TSi spied

Volkswagen has been at the helm of the hot hatch market in India. It has a wide range of products on offer to suit everyone’s needs, from the petrol GT TSi to the GTi and the diesel GT TDi. Even though in terms of pricing, the GT TSi costs nearly the same amount as the Punto Abarth, it is the Abarth that outshines in terms of performance (Read more about it here: Link). To bridge the gap between the GT and the GTi, the company is planning to bring in the 1.4 liter TSi, or so the spy pictures say.

VW Polo 180 TSi spied

Spy pictures of a mysterious 180 TSi Polo have surfaced courtesy Thrustzone. If the reports are to be believed, then this 180 TSi is nothing but a 1.4 liter TSi engine that produces 147 Bhp and 250 Nm. There is either a 7-speed DSG or a 5-speed manual which could come with this vehicle. But we suspect it will most probably be the the DSG which will be offered since the same is offered on the current generation VW Beetle that is on sale.

The vehicle that has been spotted doesn’t appear to have any visual changes, compared to the GT TSi. Since there are no pictures of the front, we cannot tell if the vehicle will get the upgraded LED headlamp cluster or not. The only difference that can be spotted is the different set of alloy wheels. What is interesting to know is that in the Chinese market, VW sells the 1.4 TSi as the GTi with the GTi grill, bumper and headlamps.

We know that the GTi is a limited edition vehicle in the country and that only 99 will be sold, this could take its place as a mini GTi. VW had decided to adopt a torque based nomenclature in the past, and this is a clear indication of the same. We hope that the company does bring in the 1.4 liter TSi to please us enthusiasts.

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