VW Polo with Green custom paint is a head-turner; But is it legal?

Volkswagen discontinued the Polo in 2021 after a decade-long run in the Indian car market, with the compact German hatchback going into the history books as the highest-selling car from Volkswagen in India to date. While the Polo might not be on sale anymore, the existing owners of the toughly-built hatchback are having a tough time bidding it goodbye. Here’s an owner of the Volkswagen Polo, who gave his car a fresh lease of life by giving it a new green-themed exterior shade.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Brotomotiv, an after-market vehicle service and renovation centre from Maharashtra, we can see a five-year-old Volkswagen Polo getting a substantial makeover in the form of a new paint shade. The owner of the Polo decided to give his grey-coloured car a new coat of Python Green, which is one of the most famous exterior shades used by Porsche for its range of sports cars like the 911 and Cayman.

After doing his research, the owner of the Volkswagen Polo took his car to Brotomotiv, where the technicians and paint booth workers gave it a fresh coat of Python Green. The last couple of minutes of the YouTube video show the Python Green-coloured Polo in its whole glory, and we must admit that this makeover has turned it into a fantastic, attention-grabbing car.

Original paint replaced

VW Polo with Green custom paint is a head-turner; But is it legal?

The original grey paint job of the Volkswagen Polo is replaced with Python Green paint job for all the exterior body panels, including the doors, bonnet, front and rear bumpers and rear hatch. To give it an even nicer look, the people responsible for the paint job gave this car a gloss black paint finish for the rearview mirrors, roof and the rear spoiler above. This gloss black finish does give a very nice contrast to the green paint job of Polo. This car also gets red-coloured front brake callipers, which further add more sportiness to its overall look of it.

While there is no law in the book that talks about wraps, there is a section that talks about changing the original colour of the vehicle. Changing the original or stock colour of the vehicle is illegal in India. However, the cops in most states and union territories do not stop vehicles with different coloured wraps. If you have any experience, do share that same with us.

To be on the safer side, it is better to stick to the stock colour while choosing the wrap for the vehicle. Or if you wish, you can ask the local authorities like the RTO about the rule and get the same in writing. Wraps sure are a way to unlock the true creative potential, if they are legal.

Changing the stock colour puts the cops in a tizzy. If the vehicle gets stolen and the cops put out an alert for the same, it is difficult for them to spot the vehicle if it looks different from the stock colour.

Volkswagen Polo

In its entire decade-old run in the Indian car market, the Volkswagen Polo was available in multiple petrol and diesel engine options across several variants. In its last leg of existence, the Polo was available with two petrol engine options – a 1.0-litre naturally-aspirated petrol and a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine options. While the naturally-aspirated engine claimed 75 PS of maximum power and 95 Nm of maximum torque, the turbocharged engine had 110 PS of power and 175 Nm of torque on tap. A 6-speed manual gearbox, along with an optional 6-speed torque converter, is available as the transmission option.