Next-generation VW Polo may ACTUALLY come to India

Till now, VW had said that they will not be bringing in the MQB platform for smaller vehicles in our country, as it would result in higher costs. India being a price sensitive market wouldn’t take well to the price rise and hence the company was debating on whether to bring in the MQB platform or not.

Next-generation VW Polo may ACTUALLY come to India

Now, in what seems like a breakthrough, the VW board will be reconsidering the proposal to bring the MQB platform to the Indian market. And if that goes through, we get the next-generation Polo, seen in the photo above.

Currently, Skoda’s plant in Aurangabad is the one where MQB vehicles can be produced. The new Octavia and the Tiguan, both of which are based on the MQB platform are made there. Their mass market vehicles, the Polo, Ameo, Rapid and Vento are built in their Chakan facility, which doesn’t support MQB as of now. To change the line to MQB will require a lot of investment and will also require all the products to be on the same platform.

The company was previously planning a partnership with Tata Motors, however that has fallen flat. According to a VW spokes person:

Even now, some of the Skoda and Audi cars sold in India are based on MQB. The board will decide on the platform’s local manufacturing in India.
VW realized that the investment that it would make in the Tata JV will be equal to what it invests on its own in MQB.
We can confirm that the Volkswagen Group has a long-term commitment in India. The details of how the Group will position itself in the future in India is under discussion and will be communicated once finalized.

The reason why the JV with Tata didn’t go ahead was due to the investment that VW would have had to do for the partnership. The company is hence deciding to bring in the MQB platform instead.

If the MQB platform does make it to India, we will then get the all-new Polo, which is also based on the MQB. There are a few SUVs too which are based on the same platform and the tiny Up as well. We will know more about this in September, when the discussion takes place.

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