Wagon R sales spike in September suggests more buyers with reduced budgets

In September, sales of Wagon R shot up by 22% compared to the previous month. At 13,300 units, the car sold more than 3,500 units more than the Hyundai i10. In the rising interest rate market, does this suggest a strong shift towards more value-for-money purchases?

This healthy bounceback in Wagon-R sales comes at a time when hatchbacks especially have been feeling the pinch of rising interest rates and higher fuel prices. The decline in Alto sales is the strongest indicator of reduction in first-time car buyers.

Also, buyers have been increasingly looking at more fuel-efficient options as well as diesel cars, the demand for which has shot up considerably.

September is a month when car sales pick up because of festival discounts and offers.  Maruti did not run any special schemes or discount offers in September. So how have more buyers opted for the Wagon R?

Wagon R sales spike in September suggests more buyers with reduced budgets
Photo: WagonR sales zoom in September

Attractive option for buyers with a reduced budget

One reason could also be that cost of finance has gone up, which means you will have to pay fatter EMIs for larger cars. Since most hatchbacks are bought using car loans, it could be that buyers seeking larger hatchbacks at a Rs. 4.5 lakh price point have had to downsize their car choice because of loan EMI limitations. And when you look at the next best range of choices you have in the hatchback segment, the Wagon-R does seem like a pretty good bet.

Despite the slew of new launches and lack of a diesel engine option, the Wagon-R continues to be great value for money. At a Rs. 4 lakh price point, you can get the Wagon R VXI which comes with all the creature comforts one needs in a vehicle, such as electric mirrors, integrated music system, rear wash-wipe and optional ABS and airbags as well (Rs. 3.9 lakh without safety pack, Rs. 4.2 lakh with safety pack).

It also offers plenty of practicality as it is spacious and is powered by a 1-litre engine that puts out a healthy 67 bhp of power and 90 Nm of torque. This car is very drivable in the city and the tall-boy design makes all-round visibility also good. Claimed mileage is 19 kmpl, but owners have reported getting a steady 15 kmpl in city conditions.

Wagon R sales are likely to improve further in October, with Maruti also offering discounts at its dealer showrooms on the Wagon-R as well. Also read: Maruti discounts on A-Star and WagonR

Maruti WagonR sales

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