Waiting period of Honda Brio and Jazz to go down!

There is some good news for Honda fans in India, especially for those interested in buying the Brio, Jazz or City as waiting periods will now go down. Honda will likely be able to normalize their production and their output will return 9,000 to 10,000 units a month by March 2012.

Honda’s production went down due to the floods in Bangkok, as a result of which waiting periods for the newly launched Brio and Jazz had gone up. This further turned out to be a curse for Honda as they received a large number of bookings in that very period.

Waiting period of Honda Brio and Jazz to go down!


Supplies will now come from Japan and China allowing the car maker to resume production of these cars and bring down waiting periods marginally. Honda will likely setup a new production line at its Tapukara plant in, Rajasthan to increase localization.

Honda has started producing the New City and will start production of the Brio and Jazz small cars sometime next month. Honda already has bookings of 7,500 units for the Brio, 4,000 units for the Jazz and roughly 2,000 units of the New City. We can now expect to gauge the markets response to the Brio and the new City, once production catches up with demands. We can expect to see a stark rise in Honda’s sales figures in the coming months.