Walking is faster than driving in Bangalore: Here’s proof

Bangalore is infamous for its long hour traffic jams. There have been many memes, spoofs and cartoons showing the severity of traffic jam of the Silicon Valley of India. In recent times, the Bangalore has remained in the news because of pothole infested roads and many accidents caused by them.

A Bangalorean has used the social media website – Twitter to show how a distance of 7 km can be covered quicker by walking than driving. The person has put Brigade Metropolis as the starting point and KK Puran Railway station as the destination. According to the Google Maps that shows real-time traffic situation in major cities around the world, the destination can be reached in 44 mins if you choose driving and 42 mins if you walk.

To remind you, Google Maps uses different routes while calculation distance on foot and by driving. It does not mean that the walking route will be the same distance as the driving route. The driving course according to Google maps is 7.5 km while the walking route is only 3.5 km.

Nonetheless, the distance cannot take away the fact that one can reach faster by simply walking to the destination than driving. Bangalore traffic situation has worsened in the recent days due to heavy rainfall. According to the Meteorological department, Bangalore has received highest ever rainfall in 155 years. Many vehicles have been damaged in the rain, and many roads remained waterlogged.

Bangalore remained one of the highly congested cities in India with a high flow of traffic causing long jams. The city is home to many IT professionals from all over India, and many MNCs operate from the city. Bangalore’s public transport and road infrastructure are unable to cope with the massive population explosion that the city has seen over the past 2 decades.