5 new wannabe cars from around India: From Lexus Camry to Mercedes Scorpio

While many enthusiasts in India would love to see a luxury vehicle in their garage, most buyers just cannot afford these vehicles due to the expensive price tag. Practically speaking, most enthusiasts from middle-class families in India cannot even think of affording such vehicles. To get the feeling of owning a luxury car, many turn to put the logo or change a few things in the mass-segment affordable vehicle to make them look like expensive luxury cars. And the simplest and the most affordable way to own such high-end vehicles is to get the vehicle to a local garage who is enthusiastic enough to put a logo of Mercedes-Benz on the regular mass-segment vehicles. Here are five such examples where the owners of mass-segment vehicles have chosen to make their vehicles look luxurious.

Audi Ciaz

Audi Sx4 1

Ciaz is currently one of the best-selling cars in the Indian market but most people do not want to blend in and disappear in the sea of numerous vehicles on the roads. Here is a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz that gets an aftermarket body kit but the most interesting part here is the new massive grille that makes it look like an Audi. It sure is a good feeling in a car that says Audi in the front and makes people turn heads on the roads.

Lexus Fortuner

Dzire Vs Civic Featured

Lexus is the premium brand owned by Toyota. The modern Lexus SUVs look extremely sharp and funky. Here is a humble Toyota Fortuner that has been converted into a Lexus with aftermarket kits like grille and an aftermarket body kit too. The body kit also gets aggressive-looking bumpers with integrated LED DRL. It sure looks like a Lexus LX570, which costs quite a lot and is a rare vehicle on the Indian roads.

Mahindra-Benz Scorpio

Mercedes Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio has been around for years in the Indian market and it is one of the best-selling SUVs in the market. The Scorpio is a common sight on the Indian roads and to make his vehicle look different, the owner has added an aftermarket Mercedes-Benz grille to the SUV. This vehicle gets an aftermarket grille and aftermarket headlamps with LED DRL too.

Lexus Camry

Lexus Corolla

The Toyota Camry is a sedate looking sedan that is quite popular in India. However, the owner of this Camry was clearly not happy with the looks of his sedan. Here is a Lexus Camry painted in red colour that looks extreme. It also gets a widebody kit that makes it look very different from the stock Camry.

Mercedes-Benz Dzire

The all-new Dzire, which was launched in India a few years ago became extremely famous and even become the best-selling vehicle in the Indian market. The owner of this Maruti Suzuki Dzire decided to make his vehicle look different and used customised Mercedes-Benz logo on the grille of the vehicle.