Wannabe cars of India Edition- VII

Here is another set of 10 wannabe cars, cars that started their life as something but then ended up imitating other vehicle.

Range Safari

Wannabe cars of India Edition- VII

Tata bought over JLR and are also using new technology from the marques. However, one owner here wanted his Safari to look like a Range Rover too. This conversion has been done by Big Daddy Customs and no, this is not the Moon Rover. This is a different conversion, which has been done to look like the new Range Rover Sport. Be it the headlamps, the grille, the side profile or the rear tail lamps, all changes have been done so as to make it look like a Range Rover.


Wannabe cars of India Edition- VII

The SS80 is the car that showed the country that cars could be small, comfortable, practical and reliable. This one here started life as a SS80, but now has been converted to look like a VW Golf MK-1. It now has a new paint shade, a new grille with a VW logo and a new bumper up front. The tyres and rims are also brand new.

Mahindra Pajero

Wannabe cars of India Edition- VII

The Pajero is the vehicle that made the dual tone paint scheme common. Here is one Bolero, which has been dressed up to look like a Pajero. Changes include the hood scoop, the dual tone yellow and white paint theme.


Wannabe cars of India Edition- VII

BMW grilles are something that are a common accessory for many vehicles, mainly the Scorpio and the Swift. Here is the BMW grille for the XUV500. The car now gets the same kidney style grille, however in full chrome and without slats. One cheap way to make your car look like a BMW.

Alfa Santro

Wannabe cars of India Edition- VII

Alfa Romeo makes cars that appeal to the heart. They are emotional vehicles, that look great and drive well too. The company never launched any product in the Indian market officially, however if you want your car to look like the Alfa, here is how you can do it. This Santro here has a front end that has been modified to make it look like the Alfa Romeo up front, and well the conversion is well done.

Image source: xuvsantross80,

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