Wannabe cars of India – From hilarious to batshit crazy

Here is another edition of wannabe cars, cars that started off life as something but then thought of getting a make over to be more happening.

Vitara Brezza to Range Rover

wanna be 7b

The Vitara Brezza is a popular compact SUV. The company introduced the vehicle last year and it has gone on to become the highest selling utility vehicle in the country. The Brezza, despite being quite new to the market, already has enough modified examples. Here are two examples of Brezzas that have tried to take on a Range Rover look.

wanna be 7 a

The red one has a Range badging on the bonnet, similar to what you would find on a Range Rover product. The white one doesn’t have the badging, but has a grille that is of the Land Rover style. While the cars do look good, putting other badging on a car is not really cool.

Safari to Audi

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The Tata Safari was India’s first true blue SUV. It was a car that gained a lot of reputation for that very fact. However, over the years the craze for this car has gone down. Here is an example of one that has been modded to look like an Audi Q7. It has the new large hexagonal grille, like that on the Q7 and also bears the Audi logo in front. Funky new fog lamps have also been added to the vehicle. While this isn’t fooling anyone, the effort made is quite commendable.

Amby to Bentley

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The Amby is among the most under rated vehicles in the Indian industry. It is a car that still has one of the best rear seats. The Amby isn’t very premium or high-end looking though. It looks very bland and basic. This owner has given his Amby a make over to make it look like a Bentley. He has opted for the sharp bonnet lines, the headlamps and the grille with the logo on top. Not a bad attempt.

Sonata to Chrysler

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The Sonata was quite reputed when it was first introduced in the Indian market. The loud styling and the massive use of chrome happened to appeal to many customers. Here is one example of a Sonata which has been given a bigger make over, to make it look like a Chrysler. It now bears the Chrysler styled front grille which looks out of place on this very car sadly.

TUV to Jeep

Mahindra TUV300 Cherokee mod 1

Here is one example of a very well modded TUV. This TUV has been converted into a Jeep Cherokee. and boy-o-boy what a job they have done. The company which has done the mod has managed to replicate the design of the Jeep very well into the TUV. The car now has the Jeep styled grille, new projector headlamps with a new bumper, which makes the car very appealing to look at, at least from certain angles.

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