Wannabe cars of India-III

Here is another edition of wannabe cars:

Audi Captiva

Wannabe cars of India-III

The Chevrolet Captiva has been a highly under-rated SUV. The vehicle, while practical and well loaded, couldn’t match the craze the Fortuner had. This owner decided he wanted to make his car more premium.

In order to do so, he replaced the grille on the car and put an Audi one, similar to what is on offer on the Q7. In addition to that, he has also changed the badging at the back which now resemble that of the Audi RS6 Avant. Not the best way to make your Captiva look more premium, sadly.

Rolls Royce City

Wannabe cars of India-III

No, Rolls Royce hasn’t built a new city car. This is what happens when you have a Honda City but wish to own a Rolls and cannot afford one. This here is a 2002 Honda City which has been rebuilt to resemble a Rolls. So the person has tried to put the Rolls Royce grill up front and the round fog lamps now become the main headlamps. No, this isn’t fooling anyone.

BMW Scorpio

Wannabe cars of India-III

The Scorpio is a vehicle that is much loved in India. It is rugged, has good fan following and is a practical choice at that price point. Some people though have decided that they want their Scorpio to e more premium. They have replaced the front grill with the BMW Kidney stlye one, and most of them are finished in chrome. Only one word comes to mind, WHY?

Mercedes Baleno

Wannabe cars of India-III

Mercedes’s cheapest car is the A Class in the Indian market. It is a good looking hatchback. Even though it is the cheapest, it is still out of the budget of most people. This Baleno owner wanted one so badly that he transformed his new Baleno into an A Class. He did so by changing the grill up fron to Mercedes’s diamond studded one and has also changed the bumper too.

HM Contessang

Wannabe cars of India-III

The Contessa was the first sporty sedan that India got. If it had come in a two door format, it would have been India’s first muscle car, however it still did give a taste of muscle cars to the Indian public.

There are a few modified examples of the Contessa that you can see online. Most of them have been done to look like a classic muscle car. This one too has been done to look like a Mustang, however the owner has decided he wanted a raised version of the same. With the raised suspension, this can certainly pass off as an ‘Indian spec’ Mustang, if you know what I mean.

Maruti Lancer

Wannabe cars of India-III

The Lancer is among the iconic cars that were sold in India. It had rally pedigree and was a car that all enthusiasts loved. Not many could afford one and then the Lancer model line stopped selling in the country. This owner liked the 10th generation Lancer so much that he got his Baleno modified to look like one. While the side profile continues to be the same as that of the Baleno, this one actually is pretty good to look at.

Maruti GT-R

Wannabe cars of India-III

The GT-R, or the ‘Godzilla’ is an iconic car. While it costs upwards of Rs 2.0 crores in India, you could have your car look like one, especially if you own a Swift. The Swift has a GT-R kit, which can transform the front of the Swift to look like the GT-R. It includes the front bumper and the grille.

Maruti i10

Wannabe cars of India-III

Yes, we are as surprised and shocked as you are. No, this is not a i10 that has had its grille changed, it is however a Swift which has had its front end changed. We are not sure what the owner had in mind when he got this conversion done, but it is certainly one that takes you sometime to digest.

Chrysler Sonata

Wannabe cars of India-III

The Chrysler brand was never introduced in India. People who have been abroad must have noticed a few Chrysler vehicles and their distinctive grilles and have decided to incorportate it into the Sonata, and this is the result.

Esteem to Mercedes + Porsche

The Esteem has always been a very practical sedan, a tad boring if some may say. To give it a premium and upmarket look, here we have an Esteem that has undergone a make over to look like the Mercedes E-Class up front and the Porsche Boxster at the back.

From the front, the owner has certainly got the integration spot on with the car looking just like how the E-Class does. Even though the Esteem is much narrower, the integration has been done really well. At the back, the owner decided that he preferred the Boxster look since the vehicle is a convertible so he decided to style it like a Boxster and overall, the vehicle actually doesn’t look all that bad surprisingly.

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