Want Mahindra Scorpio-N & XUV700 without any waiting time: Here’s a way to get them! [Video]

Mahindra has been launching hit products one after the other in the market since the last couple of years. Last year they launched Scorpio N and before that they had the XUV700. All these vehicles became popular among buyers in a short span of time and they also have a long waiting period. The XUV700 has a waiting period as long as 48 weeks and the Scorpio N has a maximum waiting period extending up to 65 weeks. If you want to buy a Scorpio N or XUV700 without waiting period, there are many used car dealers who have almost new cars available in their collection. However here we have a video where a used car dealer is actually selling two unregistered SUVs.

The video has been uploaded by My Country My Ride on their YouTube channel. In this video, the seller speaks to the vlogger about two brand-new unregistered SUVs in his collection. He has a Mahindra Scorpio N and an XUV700 SUV. Both of them are unregistered which means, they are brand new vehicles and the person buying them would be the first owner. These cars are readily available for any buyers across the country.

The seller mentions that they deal in the ex-showroom price of the vehicle and the customer can get the car registered in any of the state that he wishes. He will have to pay the RTO charges separately. The first SUV in the video is the black colour Scorpio N. The SUV is brand new and is unregistered. The SUV seen here is the top-end Z8 L petrol automatic SUV. The seller can be heard saying in the video that he might also offer discounts to the customer. Asking price for this brand new Mahindra Scorpio N Z8L petrol automatic SUV is Rs 22.50 lakh.

Want Mahindra Scorpio-N & XUV700 without any waiting time: Here’s a way to get them! [Video]
Unregistered Mahindra Scorpio N & XUV700 for sale

Next SUV is the XUV700. It is the top-end AX 7 L variant with manual transmission. Just like the Scorpio N, this is also a brand-new unregistered SUV. This SUV comes with all bells and whistles like panoramic sunroof, leather seats, electrically adjustable driver seat with memory function and so on. As this is the manual version, it does not offer ADAS features. This is a brand new SUV and just like in the case of Scorpio N, buyer can get the SUV registered in any part of the country. Asking price for this SUV is Rs 21.50 lakh. It should be noted that the buyer should pay RTO charges on these vehicles.

Other than this, the seller also shows a used Mahindra XUV700 SUV in white shade. The SUV is currently with its first owner and looks well-maintained. This is the AX5 petrol manual SUV with 7-seater configuration. The SUV is well-kept and it has done around 4,000 km only. In terms of features, even the AX5 model is well-equipped. It comes with features like panoramic sunroof, touchscreen infotainment screen, fully digital instrument cluster, cruise control and so on. The SUV is registered in Delhi and is currently with its first owner. Asking price for this almost-new SUV is Rs 18.75 lakh.