Want to be a racer? Honda will help you!

India’s never been a motorsport crazy country but slowly that’s changing. More and more youngsters are taking to motorsport professionally, and some manufacturers are chipping in to help out. In a move that promises to be a gamechanger for anyone who wants to become a motorcycle racer, Honda Two Wheelers will soon launch India’s first motorsport helpline.

Want to be a racer? Honda will help you!

This helpline is meant to be used for bike racing aspirants to contact the Honda Racing Team, the company’s motorsport division here. Honda will then assess the aspirants who want to get into professional motorsport, and deserving candidates will be trained at the Honda Ten10 Racing Academy. After training, the candidates will get race prepped motorcycles and technical support from Honda.

Want to be a racer? Honda will help you!

Other details of the helpline are sketchy for now, but are likely to be revealed soon. Meanwhile, here’s official word from Prabhu Nagaraj, vice-president – customer service, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI),

Motorsport has been in Honda’s DNA ever since its inception. There is something about motor racing that grabs the imagination of almost everyone. Through this helpline, we will be able to help youngsters dreaming about a career in motorsports. It is always Honda’s endeavor to bring new categories and excitement into the race. Following an overwhelming response from participants, and support from the motorsport fraternity, we are pleased to announce a full-season of Honda Exclusive Women Race.  

The 9th edition of Honda’s One Make Racing Championship kicks off on the 24th of June, 2016, and will mark the start of this year’s motorsport season. There will also be a women’s championship season this year.

Via ETAuto