Want to build an eco-friendly, mileage-record setting car?

Here’s an opportunity for all you budding engineers out there – to set a fuel efficiency record with a car built with your own hands. The Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2015 is here and registrations have already begun. The task – cover the maximum distance in a vehicle using the least amount of fuel. Last year, the winning entry in Manila covered 2,730 km on just a litre of ethanol! Beat that.

Teams representing 18 universities and technology institutes across India, have cleared Phase I registrations and are gearing up for Phase II registrations to compete in the sixth year of Shell Eco-marathon Asia (SEM Asia). Shell Eco-marathon challenges high school and university students from around Asia to design, build and test energy efficient vehicles.

Want to build an eco-friendly, mileage-record setting car?

The teams will field Prototype and Urban Concept vehicles, powered by gasoline, diesel, electric battery and compressed natural gas (CNG). The registration process for SEM Asia includes a number of rounds that challenge students to push their ideas to the limit. Interested teams submit their car designs in the form of pictures and sketches in the first round. In the second round, shortlisted teams are expected to provide more technical data on their vehicle. The selection process will conclude with the final registration phase in September. These registration rounds will provide key technical information which judges will evaluate before selecting finalist teams to participate in SEM Asia 2015.

The grand finale of the competition will be held in Luneta Park located in Manila in Philippines from 26th February to 1st March, 2015, providing an opportunity for talented teams to showcase the ingenuity of their design and ideas. In the final, teams will cover 10 laps, each 1.2 kms long. If you’ve got it in you to build an eco-friendly vehicle, you can follow up on Shell’s site HERE.