Watch legendary cricketer Wasim Akram hustle a Toyota Fortuner [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner is the best-selling premium SUV in India today and its reliability and go-anywhere attitude thanks to its robust four-wheel-drive system. Cricketing Great Wasim Akram recently got behind the wheel of one as he took on a series of off-roading challenges in a race against the clock as part of Toyota Pakistan‘s Youtube Series called Steering with the Stars. The Sultan of Swing was quick behind the wheel of the Fortuner diesel with the 2.8-litre engine as he demolished the course record for the challenge.

For those who want to hear Wasim talk about his career and other stuff in his life, they can scroll back to the start of the video. We’re starting at the part of the video where he starts off on his timed run on the off-roading course. The cricketing great swung through the course in a time of 1:46 as he hustled the over 2-tonne Fortuner SUV through the course.

The challenge starts off with Wasim pushing the Fortuner off the start line and then swinging into a left turn before turning right to get to the first obstacle. He engages 4 High on the low ratio gearbox and then bounces over the array of bumps with laughing away as starts to have a bit of fun.

The next challenge is a section of broken stones, which he announces with glee before rumbling across them with a big smile on his face. He then hustles the Fortuner a long right-hander while still keeping his foot planted on the accelerator before he comes across what he calls the most difficult part of the course. He stops, puts the SUV in neutral, engages four-wheel low and another button that engages the Fortuner’s rear diff lock. He then pushes through the next section which tests the angle at which the SUV can lean while going through obstacles moving quickly from one side to the other.

He then engages hill start assist control to climb up the steep slope of the next obstacle before coming to a halt at the top of the structure. Wasim then engages Hill Descent Control what Toyota refers to as DAC and then allows the Fortuner to slide forward down the slope under its own control. After finally finishing off what he later described as the most difficult part of the course, Akram switches the low ration box back to 4H after disengaging DAC and then puts his foot down once again as he races to the next challenge.

He hustles the Fortuner through a few turns before entering the final challenge, a water hazard, which he races across sending water everywhere before racing through to the finish line. After claiming that’s he’s not giving back the Fortuner Akram learns his time is 1 minute and 46 seconds, a whole 15 seconds faster than the previous record, news which he celebrates. As the host and Akram set out to leave, the host quips that since he’s not going to get the SUV back, he might as well put his seatbelt on and enjoy. Akram’s reply is properly tongue in cheek as he states he’ll drop the host off where they find the nearest rickshaw.