Watch legendary cricketer Wasim Akram hustle a Toyota Fortuner [Video]

Wasim Akram is a cricketing legend. The former fast left-handed fast bowler from our neighbouring country is known for his brutal bowling attack. Now retired, Akram is spending time in the commentator’s box and is mentoring a lot of youngsters too. Very few of us know that Akram can handle off-roading sections quite skillfully. Here is a video that shows Wasim Akram steering through a series of challenges in the Toyota Fortuner.

The video is made by Toyota Pakistan and is a part of the “Steering with the Stars” series. Wasim Akram, who was known as the “Sultan of Swing” because of his demolishing bowling steered the Fortuner around the track to complete the challenge in record time and beat all the previous records.

Wasim also talks about his career and his life in the video. However, the things that will excite the most car enthusiasts and cricket lovers start to happen at the 1:46 mark on the video where he takes the massive 2 tonne Fortuner through the off-road course.

The off-roading challenge begins with a sweeping left turn and then an immediate right turn. Wasim Akram keeps the vehicle in 4 High to tackle these challenges. It shows the capability of the Fortuner as it crosses the challenges and starts to make Akram smile all through it.

Wasim then gets on the broken stones, which is the next part of the challenge. The former cricketers announce his arrival with a smile before riding easily over the obstacle course. The course then moves through a right turn before the most difficult challenge on the course.

Engages 4Low

Watch legendary cricketer Wasim Akram hustle a Toyota Fortuner [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner 4X4 gets a low-ratio transfer case that can be engaged for extreme conditions. Wasim Akram shifts the vehicle to the low-ratio and also engages the rear differential lock. As a wise man, he stops the Fortuner, puts it in the neutral before engaging the low ratio and diff lock.

He then moves forward cautiously and tests Toyota Fortuner’s ability to lean and also test the flexibility of the structure. It is quite important to have flexible chassis because the vehicle goes feel immense force while going the off-roading track and if the body structure cannot flex and twist, it may develop cracks. This is why most manufacturer still prefer ladder-frame chassis to monocoque when it comes to off-road-specific vehicles. The Toyota Fortuner is also a ladder-frame construction.

Moving forward, Wasim Akram engages the hill assist control to climb through the steep slope of the next obstacle. He climbs the incline before stopping at the top of the structure. He then engages the hill descent control that Toyota calls the DAC. This feature automatically controls the speed of the vehicle while coming down the slope so that you can concentrate to avoid any kind of obstacles on the way.

Akram also takes the Fortuner through a deep water hazard. He enjoys the drive so much that he tells at the end of the video that he has no intention of giving back the vehicle. In the end, Akram completes the challenge in 1 minute 46 seconds, which is 15 seconds quicker than the previous record.