Watch a Ford Mustang nearly go out of control [Video]

Ford Mustang has become pretty popular in the Indian market after its official launch a few years back. It is the first muscle car that has been ever launched in the Indian market. The relatively low price tag on the Mustang also makes it quite popular. The most-expensive car from Ford in India has currently become a major hit and can be spotted easily on the roads. Also, sometimes, one can witness the raw power of the car and how it can go out of hands if the driver is not careful.

This video from Petrolhead’s Paradise shows various cars from a weekend meet in Mumbai, Maharashtra. There are quite a few vehicles in this video that can be seen enjoying the empty streets on an early morning. However, we are interested in this particular section, where a Ford Mustang can be seen slipping on the public roads and the driver doing manoeuvres to save it at the last minute. It is a rather heart-in-mouth moment but in the end, the driver really did well to keep everything under control.

The video starts by showing the Ford Mustang leaving premises onto a public road. However, the Mustang tried doing a power slide while joining the road by steering right. The Mustang can be seen sliding left and then right. At one moment, it seems like that the vehicle has gone out of control. Certainly, the driver felt that the vehicle is experiencing a tank slapper, which is why the vehicle can be seen wobbling like a pendulum. The driver, in the end, applies the brakes and brings the vehicle to a halt safely.

Watch a Ford Mustang nearly go out of control [Video]

While the tank slapper can be forgiving on the cars, on a motorcycle, it can literally throw away the rider. Tank slapper in cars are rare but they are extremely scary can cause massive accidents. It is caused when a vehicle comes out of a corner too fast and loses the traction. This is when the driver starts to overcorrect the slide and then it continues. This can become strong at higher speeds and cause the vehicle off-balance. In motorcycles, correcting a tank slapper can be a big task and often extremely difficult. But it is not the case with cars. Tank slappers in vehicles can be corrected by slowing down the speed and bringing the vehicle to a halt.

The Ford Mustang being a rear-wheel driven vehicle can experience such situations easily. Also, it seems like the driver had engaged the Mustang’s Line-Lock burnout feature, which is why the wheels are spinning so much. Also, the patch of the road is wet, which is why the vehicle started sliding in the first place.