Watch A ‘Karate Kid’ Chop A Motorcycle into Two [Video]

Ever wondered how the Hollywood and Bollywood tough guys end up smashing bikes, cars and everything else with their bare hands? Well, wonder no more as the video below by Cobra Kai will show you exactly how it’s done in the brilliant karate prank played on the citizens of New York City.

Most of the stunts done in movies feature vehicles and other parts of the set that are rigged to break or split open in the way needed by the filmmaker. In the case of the prank seen above in the video, the cruiser bike, the lampost and the fire hydrant are all rigged so that they break when a certain amount of force is applied.

In the prank, we see two actors who play out the trick in three different areas of New York City. The prank sees two actors playing out the scene. The smaller actor plays the good guy whose munching on some food as he walks down the pavement. The second actor who plays the bully is a larger and taller guy who is also portrayed as the owner of the cruiser motorcycle.

Watch A ‘Karate Kid’ Chop A Motorcycle into Two [Video]

The smaller protagonist ‘accidently’ walks into the bully who moves into his way. The bully then starts badmouthing the smaller man and picks a fight with him. The smaller actor then tells him that he doesn’t want to fight and the bully shouldn’t pick a fight with him.

When the bully does not back down and with a crowd gathering around wondering what is happening between the duo, whose raised voices attract attention to the ‘fight’. However, when the bully does not listen and continues to goad the smaller guy into a fight, the protagonist decides to bring his ‘karate’ skills into play.

The smaller actor explodes into action. He first kicks the lamp post which bends forward on a rigged hinge. The actor then turns his karate chops to the bully’s bike, which he then proceeds to split into two down the middle with the after confirming with the bully if he does indeed own the cruiser. He then finishes things off by kicking the top off the rigged fire hydrant.

The results draw quite an array of reactions from the crowd watching the spectacle. After a whole lot of worrying after the bully starts trying to needle the smaller guy, the reactions turn to different shades of shock as the smaller man proceeds to destroy the lamp post, bike and fire hydrant. Cue in swearing, a whole lot of shocked faces and quite a few giggles. Thankfully, this was only a prank staged by the Youtube for the upcoming second season of their Youtube Red show.