Watch a Mahindra Jeep rescue a stuck passenger bus on video

Mahindra is actually a name that most people relate with SUVs and multi-purpose vehicles. The manufacturer has been in this field for a very long time and they have a variety of SUV in their portfolio. Mahindra’s recently launched Thar is a huge success in the market and it currently one of the most popular SUVs in the market. Demand for the all-new Thar is so high that, it currently has a waiting period of almost an year. Mahindra had several Jeep like SUVs in the past like MM 540, Commander, Major and so on. We have seen several videos of such SUVs doing off-roading or being driven on rough terrains in the past. Here we have a video where an old Mahindra Jeep is seen rescuing a bus that is stuck.


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The video has been uploaded by modzof_kerala on their Instagram page. In this video, a Mahindra Jeep is seen trying to pull out a private bus that is stuck at a slippery surface. The video is quite short and it does not anything on how the bus ended up at that place. In the video, it is clear that the bus is stuck at a very tight spot and the surface is quite slippery and it cannot climb up on its own.

The Mahindra jeep is actually tied to the bus using a tow rope. The open top jeep has engaged 4×4 and is trying its best to pull the bus out. Eventually, the bus starts to move. As the bus is stuck at a tight place, the jeep could not pull it from rear. Instead the tow rope was tied on to a side and then pulled. After trying is several times. the bus finally came out and was finally free.

Watch a Mahindra Jeep rescue a stuck passenger bus on video

A passenger is actually quite heavy and pulling it out is actually a difficult task. It would easily weigh over couple of tonne. The Mahindra jeep driver had definitely put a lot of pressure on the SUV while pulling it out. As this was an old jeep, it had no electronics and it was quite visible in the video. The wheels were spinning at places as it was loosing traction. That helped him a lot as the jeep could actually spin and then find grip to pull the bus.

The old Mahindra jeep performed pretty well and it successfully brought the bus out. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while rescuing such a vehicle or while recovering a stuck vehicle. while using the tow rope, you should try to cover the rope with a blanket or any thick cloth, so that even if the rope snaps, the blanket or the cloth placed in between can absorb some of the energy.

In this video, there were lot of people around the car and bus and the chances of the rope breaking and hitting someone were pretty high as the rope was not covered. If broken tow rope has so much energy in it that it can easily injure a person standing nearby. People should also maintain a safe distance from the rope while recovering a vehicle for the same reason.

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