Watch a MASSIVE Mahindra Thar 6X6 burn up Bangalore streets [Video]

The Mahindra Thar is on the top of the list when it comes to modifications. It is one of the most modified SUV in India and there are many shapes and sizes it has been modified in many different ways. In the past, we have even seen various 6 wheels modifications on the Thars and here is one more that is roaming around freely on the streets of Bangalore!

What is this?

The vehicle was caught on video by a biker with his helmet-mounted camera. The video shows all the six wheels of the Thar and its extended chassis. The vehicle has been heavily modified to remove the roof and style it like the Mercedes-AMG G63 6X6. However, there is no cabin here and no doors too. At the rear, the new tyres have been accommodated in an extended wheel arch.

The other visible modifications include a snorkel, which has been mounted on the driver side and the aftermarket headlamps that get LED lamps installed with integrated turn indicators. It also gets off-road bumpers at the front and rear and an off-road spec bull bar mounted at the front. The tail lamps have been upgraded to aftermarket ones too.

The modifications involve adding an extra axle to the vehicle. It includes a fair amount of chassis and body modifications. However, it is not known if the newly added axle is live or not. Mahindra Thar CRDe comes with a 4X4 drive system from the factory. It means that all four wheels of the vehicle are powered when slotted into 4X4. The regular hatchbacks and sedans are 4X2, which means only two wheels out of the four are powered.

The Thar seen here could be a 6X4, which means only four wheels out of the six are powered. However, just like the Mercedes-AMG G63 6X6 SUV, this modified vehicle may have the third live axle. It takes a bit fair amount of workmanship to install a third live axle and sorting out the gearing but it is possible. We are not sure if this is a 6X6 or a 6X4.

Watch a MASSIVE Mahindra Thar 6X6 burn up Bangalore streets [Video]

A 6X6 version of the vehicle seen here can be extremely useful while doing off-roading. Yes, it will have its limitations due to the elongated body, which would ensure a  small break over angle but on the marshy roads and challenging surfaces, a 6X6 vehicle would do much better than a 4X4. The extra two wheels would distribute the weight more evenly while the extra traction from wheels would propel it ahead.

The vehicle gets four front-facing seats and there are no seatbelts visible. It gets a roll-cage at the top, that would save the occupants from any kind of injuries but without the belts, it would in vain.

Is it legal?

Absolutely not! According to RTO, modifying the structure of the vehicle is illegal and can lead to the vehicle’s seizure by the cops. However, one can always endorse it in the Registration Certificate of the vehicle after getting it tested by ARAI for road-worthiness. It sure is a long process but would make the 6 wheeled Thar a legal vehicle on the roads.


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