Watch Actor Dulquer Salmaan drift a custom wrapped Ford Mustang on video

Malayalam movie star Dulquer Salmaan is one of the faces that many car enthusiasts around the country recognise. His father Mammooty who is also a Super star in the Malayalam movie industry is famous for having a taste in cars. The father-son duo has a collection of car that is known as 369 garage and we have featured some of there vehicles in the past. This time around, we have a video of Dulquer Salmaan performing stunt in an iconic car. The car is a Ford Mustang and the actor is seen drifting the car on video. This is probably the first time, actor was seen doing such a stunt on camera.

The video has been uploaded by Dulquer Salmaan on his YouTube channel only. The video was actually a promotion video for his new movie ‘Kurup’. The movie is successfully running in theatres in India and around the world and this video specifically was shot to celebrate the success. As part of the celebration, vlogger who seen in the video had brought a custom wrapped Ford Mustang.

The plan is to do a road trip in the Ford Mustang to celebrate the success. The theme of the wrap is actually his movie ‘Kurup’. Vlogger introduced couple of people who had worked for this movie both in front and behind the camera and after some time, Dulquer Salmaan arrives at the venue in his Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG which had bought recently. What makes the G63 AMG unique is the paint job. It is finished in Designo Olive Green paint.

The actor comes out and moves towards the Ford Mustang. Dulquer looks at the movie-themed wrap on the Ford Mustang and asks about the plan. Vlogger can be heard saying that with the Mustang, they’ll be having a backup vehicle all the time, in case the car runs out of fuel. Dulquer then gets into the car and takes it for a spin inside the parking lot itself. Vlogger was sitting in the co-passenger seat.

Watch Actor Dulquer Salmaan drift a custom wrapped Ford Mustang on video

After driving it for few metres, Dulquer started doing powerslides, donuts and drift on the Ford Mustang. The vlogger was excited and Dulquer also had a smile on his face after he returned. Dulquer Salmaan does such stunts with his car but, this is the first time he was captured doing the same on camera. He mentioned that the reason why he did it was because the car was parked at a closed enclosure. He does not recommend doing it in public.

After the actor got out, he wished the vlogger all the luck for the road trip and watched him drive the Ford Mustang away. Ford Mustang is a legendary car. We have several vintage Ford Mustang muscle cars in india but, Ford only brought it officially to Indian market in 2016. The car became popular among enthusiasts in a short span of time. Ford Mustang uses a 5.0 litre V8 petrol engine that generates 395 Bhp and 515 Nm of torque. International variants were more powerful than the Indian verison. It is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

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