Watch car fly in the air while shooting a stunt sequence for movie in Ooty [Video]

In many of the movies that we see these days, there are action sequences and at times some of the scenes even have vehicles involved in them. There are stunts where cars and other vehicles are used as property. Such stunts are done by action director and his team. In the past, we have seen several behind the scene videos of such stunts go viral on the internet. One of the most recognisable stunt was with a Volkswagen Polo for a Malayalam movie. Here we have another video where a car comes flying from the road and falls into a tea plantation.

The video has been published by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. The video mentions that the people who work on these plantations ran away after they saw a car flying towards them. The details about this stunts are actually not available. In this video which is probably shot by a person who was observing the shooting shows that a car was attached to a cannon piston and after the stunt master received instructions, the cannon pushes the car. Because of the pressure from the cannon, the car flies and falls into the middle of a tea plantation in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

The director of the movie can be heard giving instructions to the team to cut the shot after the car had fallen down. In order to do such stunts, a movie shooting crew normally clears up the whole area as a precaution. This is normally done to avoid any accidents during the shoot. The car used here looks like a frame with just four wheels and nothing else in it. Most probably there was no one inside the car as no amount of safety equipment or precaution could save the occupant from injury in this case.

Watch car fly in the air while shooting a stunt sequence for movie in Ooty [Video]

When cars are used for stunts with occupants in it, the whole body of the car is reinforced using a metal skeleton inside the cabin. This is done to ensure that the cabin does not crumble if the car topples at any point of time. The stunts are also performed by expert drivers and technicians. In this case, the expert was the person who was controlling he cannon. There is calculation in that as well as he has to be precise about the pressure he wants to apply so that the cannon can push the car easily. If the pressure is less, the car won’t fly as high as the director wants it and if it is too much, it may fall away from the point that the director wants it.

The heading of the video mentions that people working in the plantation ran away but, in the video that we are seeing not even a person is seen running away through the plantation. The person who was recording video, is also maintaining a safe distance from the place where the stunt is being done. The report does not share details about the movie for which this stunt sequence was being shot.