Watch how thieves steal a Hyundai Creta parked outside a house within minutes

Vehicle theft is still a major issue in many Indian cities. Not just in India but, this is a problem that many face abroad as well. Over the years, police department has come up with new technologies to minimise such incidents and also track stolen vehicles. However it looks like thieves are also updating themselves with new ideas and tricks to ensure that they don’t get caught. According to a report, around 95 vehicles are stolen in the Delhi everyday. The number would increase when we consider vehicle theft cases all across the country. Here we have a video that shows how easily thieves stole a Hyundai Creta SUV parked outside a house within minutes.

The video has been uploaded by TOI on their YouTube channel. The incident happened in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area. The whole incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed in front of a house. In this video, a Hyundai Creta is seen parked outside a house. The SUV seen in the video is the previous generation Creta. Another previous generation Hyundai Creta SUV comes into the frame and stops next to the parked Creta. No one gets out of the Creta. The passengers or the thieves sitting inside the car look around for people and also try to locate the surveillance camera in the area.

They spot the CCTV camera that was placed on the house facing the road where the car was parked. Once they locate the camera, one of the thieves opens the rear door and gets out from the vehicle. He makes sure that his face is not visible in the camera. He immediately sits down and crawls to the driver side door of the parked Creta. It is still not clear how did they manage to unlock the car within minutes. Once, he opened the door, the thief gets in and starts the car. Other thieves who were in the other Creta then drive away and the SUV follows him.

Watch how thieves steal a Hyundai Creta parked outside a house within minutes

This is quite scary as it looks like, the thieves are now using new technologies to unlock cars and even starting them. Most of the cars, these days come with features like keyless entry, push button start and many more features. This makes these cars a lot more vulnerable as anyone with right knowledge can override and unlock the car.

How would you keep your car safe?

Most of us who are reading this article who have a car won’t be parking there car in a porch in their house. They would either have a parking outside the house or in a basement parking if you live in an apartment. Here are few tips that one must have in their minds if they are parking their vehicles outside.

  • Do not park it in a secluded corner. It is always better to park at a spot with regular footfalls.
  • Always ensure that the vehicle is well-lit as thieves do not like to work under a spotlight that can attract attention.
  • Install security devices, such as a steering lock or gearbox locks. Thieves do not want to spend a lot of time to steal a car and such devices make it difficult for them.
  • Install a GPS-based safety device. Such devices will tell you the live location of your vehicle and some of them also send alerts when the vehicle is started.