Watch Indian cops in a high-speed car chase to catch thieves: Mahindra Bolero vs Maruti 800

You might have seen a lot of car chase scenes of cops running behind the thieves in movies. This reel life incident turned into a real-life one when a police vehicle successfully chased and arrested all four thieves, who were running from the police after stealing a car.

The said incident is from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, where four thieves stole a Maruti 800 and three chains from a businessman in broad daylight and flew away with the car towards the highway. The car was then spotted at a check post on a highway, where it did not stop, and the gang of thieves evaded the barricade and tried to flee fast from the spot. On seeing this, a team of local police tracked them and started chasing the Maruti 800, in which they were running away after robbing the businessman.

Thieves arrested

A video of the whole incident was recorded by a policeman who was present in the police vehicle, in which we can see the entire high voltage car chasing incident. Both the Maruti 800 and the police vehicle chasing it were being driven at very high speeds on a highway. Despite several warnings through sirens and horns, the thieves were not lowering the speed of the Maruti 800. The car was dangerously driven at high speeds, which was putting the lives of all the other motorists on the highway. The video ended with footage of all the four thieves nabbed by the policemen.

However, the video does not show the exact moment when the thieves were caught by the police. We are not sure how the police managed to stop them and arrest them. High-speed car chases by the police are not very common in India. The thieves first escaped barricades set up by the police to stop them. But that did not stop the police officers to chase them. The cops chased the thieves for a good amount of distance. In the end, four culprits were caught and the stolen items were recovered from them as well.

Car snatching is common

Snatching motorcycles and cars are quite common in India. In many parts, thieves threaten with guns to hand over the key to the vehicle. It is always a good idea to not stop for anyone on secluded roads as it can be a trap to snatch the car. It is always a good idea to keep the doors locked at all times, even inside the city limits.