Watch people in overloaded Mahindra Scorpio going batshit CRAZY [Video]

Overloading a vehicle is quite common in India and it causes a massive number of accidents on the roads. In Tier II and Tier III cities of the country, many transport vehicles can be seen with people hanging outside it and it is extremely dangerous. Here is one such video of an overloaded vehicle with an batshit insane driver.

Even a cop tries to stop them

The video seems to be from Tamil Nadu and has been shot from a vehicle behind it. There are an uncountable number of people inside the Mahindra Scorpio and much more hanging outside it. The vehicle is being driven on an undivided road at a very fast speed and the worst part is the driver swerving the vehicle left and right.

It can be seen at the starting of the video that a cop standing on the right-hand side of the road shows his hand to the vehicle. However, the vehicle keeps on moving forward and starts swerving vigorously. The people hanging from the vehicle can be seen struggling and one of them even loses his balance. Even the tailgate of the Scorpio is open and people can be seen inside it.

Watch people in overloaded Mahindra Scorpio going batshit CRAZY [Video]

The video does not the driver losing control of the vehicle but it looks extremely dangerous. Even if a single person had fallen down from the vehicle, it could have turned disastrous and even fatal. Scorpio being an SUV has a high centre-of-gravity, which causes a lot of body roll and the chances of it overturning are very high.

With overloading, the weight on the top increases and the chances of toppling becomes even more. Overloading is also a common cause of losing the vehicle’s control and tyre bursts at high speeds and it should be avoided completely at all costs.

Overloading, a common problem

Watch people in overloaded Mahindra Scorpio going batshit CRAZY [Video]

Overloading the vehicles is a common problem in India. Most of the commercial vehicles are overfilled with the goods and it becomes a nuisance on the roads. Overloading puts extra stress on the engine too and the life of the engine itself comes down by a great deal. Also, an overloaded vehicle tends to break-down more often on the road and needs frequent replacement of the critical parts.

Watch people in overloaded Mahindra Scorpio going batshit CRAZY [Video]

In the cities where public transport is scarce, people travel by whatever way they can find. Often that way is hanging out from a vehicle due to the very limited numbers of transport vehicles on the roads. It is not uncommon to see men, women and children hanging out to travel on such vehicles on the roads in interior parts of the country.

Such problems cannot be solved until the number of vehicles is increased or new means of transportation are introduced. Also, people need to understand how dangerous it can be on the roads and be aware of the consequences if an accident happens.

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