Watch Raj Thackeray take a spin in the Kia Seltos [Video]

Kia Seltos has gained quite a popularity in the Indian market since its launch a few months back. The car has gained massive popularity in the market and is currently the best-selling vehicle in the segment. While Kia Seltos is quickly becoming a common sight on the roads, it is catching the attention of the celebrities too. Here is a video that shows the MNS leader, Raj Thackeray checking out a Kia Seltos and taking a spin on it.

The video comes from Mumbai where the political leader can be seen sitting inside the Kia Seltos. The video further shows Raj Thackeray fiddling with the steering and the features of the Kia Seltos. The vehicle seen here belongs to an MNS worker and Raj Thackrey did the inauguration or Udghatan of the all-new Seltos in the video. The MNS worker also said in the latter part of the video that he feels proud that Thackeray did the inauguration of the car. However, it is not known if Thackeray commented anything on the car or how it feels.

Kia Seltos was launched against the likes of Hyundai Creta in the Indian market and currently, it is the best-selling vehicle in the segment. The Kia Seltos is quickly becoming a common sight on the roads and there are many who have chosen the all-new Seltos over the vehicles like Hyundai Creta, Tata Harrier and other similar vehicles.

Watch Raj Thackeray take a spin in the Kia Seltos [Video]

The popularity of the Seltos can be attributed primarily to the fresh look that it brings to the segment. The all-new Seltos gets split headlamps that look quite futuristic. Also, it gets a long list of features that makes it one of the most feature-rich cars in the segment. Also, Kia offers as many as 18 variants of the Seltos in the Indian market and there is a choice for every kind of buyer.

Kia has carefully studied the Indian market before launching the all-new Seltos and to cater to every kind of buyer, there are three different engine options available with the Seltos. There is a naturally aspired petrol engine, a turbocharged diesel engine and high-performance turbocharged petrol engine, which is also the most powerful engine of the all. Kia offers a 6-speed manual transmission as standard with all three engine options and all three engines get an option of automatic transmission. Interestingly, all three engine options get three different automatic transmissions.

With the naturally aspirated 1.5-litre petrol engine, Kia offers the CVT automatic transmission while with the diesel engine, the Seltos offers torque convertor automatic transmission. The most sophisticated transmission, which is a 7-speed Dual-Clutch automatic is available with the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine.