Watch Rajdoot motorcycle get beautifully restored on video

Rajdoot and Royal Enfield motorcycles are some of the motorcycles that had started the trend of motorcycles in India. These motorcycles were quite popular among buyers and still we can find some well kept examples of the same across the country. We have featured many such motorcycles in the past and here we have a video that shows how an old Rajdoot SHL M11 motorcycle has been beautifully restored.

The video has been uploaded by old pistons garage on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing a scrap Rajdoot motorcycle that is covered in dust. The garage owners bring the motorcycle to their garage and then start dismantling it. Every part of the motorcycle in taken out after giving it a thorough wash. After some time, the chassis, engine,body panel, headlamp and tail lights, fuel tank are all take taken out.

Every part on the motorcycle is then carefully taken to the workshop and is restored. The main issue with almost every part of this motorcycle was rust. Even the fuel tank had started rusting from inside. All the dents and the rust on the motorcycle was dealt and every part of the motorcycle was repainted after applying primer. The bike gets the iconic black shade and it even gets the white pin striping on it.

The steel rims were very old and they were replaced with new units with spoke wheels. The headlights, chassis, mudguards are all repainted and even the front and rear suspensions are restored. The engine on this motorcycle also needed some work and after that it was brought back to life. The low slung silver finished exhaust and the noise of a 2-stroke engine is all retained in this bike.

Once the work on every part is done, they start reassembling the motorcycle and the finished product looks beautiful. They have not replaced the engine and it still is powered by the same old 175-cc, 2-stroke engine. The two stroke engine is paired to a three speed manual gearbox, and is extremely simple. The motor put put about 7.5 Bhp of peak power and 12.7 Nm of peak torque. This is a 1969 model SHL M11 and back in the day, this motorcycle was manufactured in Poland. Later in 1962, motorcycle division of Escorts Group started manufacturing it under the name Rajdoot.