Watch Ranveer Singh get real ANGRY at a motorist for bad driving [Video]

A video has recently surfaced on the internet which shows famous actor Ranveer Singh in a very angry mood and rebuking another motorist on the road, apparently for driving roughly.

This video was actually uploaded on Twitter by the same man who took the tongue lashing given by the movie star. The Twitter user alleges that the actor misbehaved with him and used extremely foul language during the short incident. The man, apparently anguished from the incident further wrote that Ranveer is a flop actor and he should mend his ways unless he wants to end up on the streets.

However, the video uploaded is not very clear and does not paint a clear picture as to what happened. In the video, Ranveer, who otherwise is known to keep quite a good temperament, is seen shouting and scolding the man. What he says exactly is unclear but the man is seen apologizing profusely for what he did (rash driving). Again, the seventeen second video is too short and unclear to pass a judgement but by the looks of it, the man seems to agree and apologize for his mistake, with Ranveer being in a real bad mood.

Also, according to a leading entertainment daily, Ranveer Singh was angry at the man for passing by his car swiftly, nearly causing a collision. When the actor reached out to talk to him, the man was busy on his mobile phone. Twitterati on the other hand is hot with it and people are blaming the man for the happenings. Many have even asked the police to intervene in the matter.

Watch Ranveer Singh get real ANGRY at a motorist for bad driving [Video]

Ranveer Singh is known to be an auto enthusiast himself. His collection of cars range from Aston Martin and Jaguar to Range Rover and Land Cruiser, among many others.

Rash driving is a serious problem in our country and more people suffer causalities because of it. Things like unnecessary usage of horn, sudden lane shifts, non-usage of indicators and speeding plague our roads. It is high time we realize this and start driving like responsible citizens.