Watch Ratan Tata arrive at Taj Mahal hotel in his customised Nano Electric car [Video]

Ratan Tata's Nano EV

Renowned industrialist and Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group, Ratan Tata is often remembered for his noble deeds and actions much more than his prolific achievements. Be his down-to-earth nature or his donations to the welfare of society, Ratan Tata has always won the hearts of millions of people. The latest addition in his long list of numerous instances of simplistic living is the recent instance of him arriving at the Taj Hotel, Mumbai in a Tata Nano Electric.


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Recently, Ratan Tata was seen arriving at the Taj Hotel in a white-coloured Tata Nano Electric. While he was seated on the co-passenger side, he was being chauffeured by his young personal assistant Shantanu Naidu. Unlike some noteworthy businessmen of India, who are generally seen commuting in super luxurious cars while accompanied by security personnel in other premium cars, Ratan Tata was seen being driven in the Nano without a single bodyguard accompanying him.

It is this act of simplicity and modesty, which has once again attracted the attention of netizens, who praised him for being such a noble person despite being one of the richest Indians on the planet. Several netizens also pointed out how the Tata Nano was discarded by several people in India, despite being an engineering marvel and a great example of cost-efficient engineering.

Customised Tata Nano EV

Watch Ratan Tata arrive at Taj Mahal hotel in his customised Nano Electric car [Video]

Talking about the electric Nano in which Ratan Tata was spotted, this custom-made Tata Nano Electric was gifted to him by the electric vehicles powertrain solutions company Electra EV. This customized Nano has an electric powertrain in place of the humble 624cc two-cylinder petrol engine, with the entire modification work carried out by Electra EV. This Nano is powered by a 72V powertrain made of super polymer lithium-ion batteries, which claims a maximum driving range of 160 km, while it can do a 0-60 kph sprint in under 10 seconds.

The Tata Nano was launched with much fanfare in 2008 as the world’s most affordable four-door petrol-powered car. The car was intended to bring more small families from two-wheelers to cars with its affordable pricing, who were not able to afford a proper four-seater car until its arrival. However, despite its all positives, the Tata Nano flopped big time in India due to its poor marketing as ‘world’s cheapest car’, rather than being projected as ‘world’s most affordable car’.

Tata pulled the plug on the Nano’s production at Sanand, Gujarat in 2018. Recently, in one of his latest Instagram posts, Ratan Tata shared the noble intention behind the idea of introducing the Nano to Indians, which also attracted the attention of netizens.